10 January 2019

The Incredibles Get Jack Jack From Big Dog! Board Gameplay by HobbyKidsTV

Jack Jack is in the dog bowl of a GIANT pitfall. Can the Incredibles save him from the beastly dog? See how Dash, and family save the day and open some blind ...

kids have you seen Jack Jack around I

thought he was with you violet what he's not with me you were supposed to be watching him - really kids you had one job watch Jack Jack sorry mom he's a slippery little guy he couldn't have gone too far you're right - why don't you go take a look outside and see if you can find him no problem dad oh no dad dad you better come quick Jack Jack's in trouble what do you mean he's in trouble he's in the neighbor's yard again and the big bad dog he's in his tree Pole what he's back there with that big bad dog oh no we better get over there right away let's go see Dad Jack Jack's in the tree ball and the big bad dog is guarding him how we gonna get him out of there Oh - the dogs are sleep I'll just walk right up there and get [Applause] see dad he knows he's guarding Jack Jack like he's one of his treats whoa - you're right I think we're gonna need another plan here um hello guys remember me I can become invisible I'll just go invisible and go get Jack Jack that's a pretty good plan violet let's see if it works

[Applause] [Music] whoa guys that did not work at all what do you think happened violet did he smell you well it has been a few days since I showered so maybe Eve I lit that's gross hon it might be up to you maybe you can stretch your arm from here get Jack Jack without the big bad dog seeing you do you think you can do it I'll try my best let's see if this works I wasn't able to get Jack Jack but I did pull back this cool Incredibles blind bag let's open it up and see what we get here's all the cool characters that we can collect don't we get an exclusive A or exclusive B that would be awesome yes darling hurry up and get your Jack Jack ready okay team it looks like we're gonna have to come up with another plan this just isn't working and Jack Jack has to be getting scared well what do you want to do dad hmm I just don't know do you think these would help what are those - I don't know but it looks like they're made for grabbing stuff yeah Bob maybe we've been going about this the wrong way what do you mean mom I mean maybe we should be

trying to grab the treats if we collect enough maybe we can trade them for jab jab that's a good idea let's see if we can sneak some treats hopefully the big bad dog stays asleep here goes nothing hey guys that totally worked I don't know what it is about those Treat grabbers but that big bad dog never saw us coming I think we should try it again you want to give it a try - sure dad I think I could do it here goes nothing [Music] Hey look at me guys I actually got to trees will have extra to get to that big bad dog good job - are you gonna give it a try dear sure I'll see what I can do Wow guys those treat grabbers are great he never saw it coming I think we just need maybe one or two more treats and maybe we can trade for Jack Jack violet you want to take a turn um sure I'll give it a go um guys can I get a little help err I wasn't quite as successful as you guys were big bad dog got violet - okay guys we're running out of time I think we need to try to trade these treats for violet and Jack Jack

but first let's open up this Avengers infinity war blind box this is an awesome Avengers infinity war bobblehead blind box here's all the cool characters we can collect I hope we get the Hulkbuster that would be super cool let's see who it is supercool we got Thor with his awesome hammer awesome now that we got that out of the way let's see if we can save Jack Jack and violet ill it's about time that was gross hey guys that worked he let me return his treat and he didn't bite my head off even spit out violet maybe he just needs more treats and he'll give us Jack Jack I'll take in my treats I hope you're right that totally worked dad I don't think that dogs is big and as bad as he looks I think he's just hungry mom take him your treats maybe we'll get Jack Jack back okay - I'll go right now now what do we do all the treats are gone I see he wants the treat out of his bowl and into his mouth we can make that happen it looks like he's asleep again maybe he was just hungry I think he'll stay asleep as we try to get Jack Jack there's only one way to

find out dear I'm going in team good job guys jack jack is back with us safe and sound and I think we made a friend with the dog next door thanks for watching make sure to give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe ring the bell that way you know every time we release a new video and don't forget click on one of these cool videos