19 June 2011

The Minecraft Files - #84: Wolf Kennels 2/2 (HD)

By popular demand, I finally build some dog kennels for my wolves in a rather interesting underground "bunker" style! Minecraft Files Intro Song: ...

so first stall is right here let's do

that and we'll give them you can have a big one if they're gonna be cool hello this he's gonna get all sorts of good stuff he's got water in here he's got like a little like doggy fireplace right here like a torch oh man um alright so now we're going to need is a guess double doors is a dog really deserved double doors that's the question I don't know so the door here we can keep it on dirt I don't really I think it should be too like sophisticated it's a dog now yes I do want to treat my dogs right but do I want to be wasting all my wood on a dog kennel probably not so we'll do double doors for him for this one at least and let's make all right so that'll be one kennel now the next few can be through here I'm not sure how I want to do this let's see the next one will be those sheep right there's Larkin alright so the next one we're going to do is really right here and this is going to look like let's get this closed off they're trying to think here it's a tricky this is tricky here take my name is this room until like four parts so yeah that works alright so we'll do this and this can be one panel here spacetime is 64 out of that this will be

one right here so this one will have double doors again all right let's go there and right there and this is another dog for another dog right here I've got to fix the ceiling as ceiling issue is bad alright let's get out of here this alright perfect ok so we've got this down here this is not well lit at all ok let's put some lighting in there alright third kennel is going to be right to our left right here and this one needs a little bit of work along with some little more land for the side of play on and he's got he's got enough water back here to keep them happy I believe let's get rid of this let's clear this out too cuz I'm a little more room oh so we're tapping into the other doggies room oh alright so we'll go up like that and into there ok now we need to find room for the fourth one ah yeah it's going to be cool little secret hidden bunker or can be okay we hide it with dirt or something it looked kind of cool right up little windows in here actually we don't probably need windows be cool just to have like the open gaps like that ok so what we're going to do is I'm gonna do double doors again maybe we'll build this one down below I

didn't think about that we can we can build that down we can put it down below that'd be kind of hard so it's double doors I don't like this it looks stupid excuse me mr. Sheikh I'm Belding here oh my shovel broke darn alright cool so build uh like this and I suppose the last one we can do let me build two shovels here oops we're going to do is we're going to dig um let's get this out of here we can build the last one underneath the recipes super bowed down here oops like that that'll work let me look expired it's just hear this out I don't want the Santa drop on us either so we got to get this sort of cleared out pretty well before I can kind of raise the ceiling so sweet ah see shoot that's trouble let's go down here it's gonna do it too I know but it worked cool mmm it's not going to work I got it as something other than the sand out there for these floors maybe I should do that to make wooden floors I just think wooden floors Papa shoot yeah I'll spend the time and do at least in the lobby out here little dog lobby i'll do a wooden floors let's make this wooden real fast this might be a bit of a

longer episode for you guys then it's probably okay with that ok where is more the word right there let's get these guys put in here there we go ah it's more all right let's keep building here um alright that looks pretty good let's say minus the whole doors popping off thing oh jeez numb full mandatories full let's do this these doors that I have all right I hate having full inventory all right so the last kennel be down here ah flustered today I don't know why I'm not not playing well not playing Minecraft well the three rooms should be okay should be good three wide I mean do we have here alright that's fine let's do this i'll put the water back here and the water i will need to get so do this and work bench down and we're going to our last door right here alright says our last door there let's get rid of this guy and i'm going to take my bucket I'm going to go grab a bite stock again geesh i'ma grab some water nice we might have to make another chip actually it's not going to flow evenly that's okay all right guys well that pretty much wraps it up that's thing we got to do is just get the dogs in there

which hopefully won't take too long so let me put this water down I'll run over there and grab them and we'll put them in their respective kennels over here it's nice they're little they're kind of out of the way I build some steps here they're kind of out of the way they are you know in their own little spot kind of and I don't have to deal with them they're not loud but let's try and bring them over here so where did you guys run off to where did I leave you left over here I know that and there they are all four of them all right cometh come with me come with me come with me come with me oops all right Oh black sheep mmm that's a I'll leave him oh what happened you fell down the hole okie dokie let's get them in their kennel and that'll be it oh yes come on in come on any come on in hey go oh all right oh jeez nope all right you come down here mister you belong in this in here come on come on come here boy go through the doorway I push you into their like nudge just get your butt in there come on oh no don't go up the stairs oh geesh come on get in to walk in there don't make me like all right you but get in here come in here

you but Oh frustration you guys right down here oh right here yeah come on all right this is ridiculous you guys I'm not gonna spend time doing this this is this is insane all right that's it a little bit of rage perhaps honestly just hate getting dogs in their kennels it's extremely painful the dogs are fun but you know they uh they're fun they're cute but I have my reservations about them so anyways you guys that's pretty much it thanks for watching um so I this episode in come on till today but there will be one tomorrow Monday so stay tuned for that and we're lost and stuff coming up this week alright thanks for watching you guys talk to you later pipe