26 October 2016

The MOST DIFFICULT dog training command!

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all right today we're going to be

talking about the difficult and dreaded finish command finish all right the finish command when done well is one of those beautiful things to watch in obedience training but it's also without question one of the most difficult exercises and skills to teach a dog most people don't even really teach that skill or trainers to their own dogs because of the difficulty of trying to teach that skill so most people who do that really our competition trainers because in competition you have to have that skill now when teaching the finish command there's a difference between a dog doing the finish and a dog doing it with speed and enthusiasm dish there's a big difference in the skill level how it's taught so if a dog just goes there that's fine he's doing it but there's a big difference to teach it quickly and it gets there really fast so when we start teaching this to people they suffer even when I start teaching other trainers how to teach dogs to do this it's really difficult for them to catch the techniques and get the dog to drive in there really well so without question the most difficult skill of all to teach so now this you know puppy

we're going to show you we are teaching her all her basics that you'll see here yeah ah we are teaching her to bark on command because she is going to be a protection dog later so we want her on cue to bark when we tell her to start barking at somebody good alright so we were teaching the little puppy how to get to that leg now when teaching this for me this is the one skill that I pound and I make the owners go like this really hard and make this skill a priority in the beginning while teaching all those other commands all the other ones are a piece of cake compared to this skill so I really emphasize in the beginning when starting really really pound this one because this is the one that's going to take the dog a lot of precision how to find the side how to spin its button turn in there and get in the exact position let's see the way she's putting butter around the circle so here there's a lot of technique to this so I really make sure the owners are at it and add it and add it then even with my own dogs

I do everything but I really pound this one constantly more than any other because this one has to be done right from the beginning a lot to get it really really imprinted so here you're gonna see we're just standing around and we're talking and she's just thrown herself into that leg because we were impounding it so much well because right now that's a very difficult skill look at that she's trying to throw us out there draw her forward now the moment yeah you gotta treat that let's do that for a second let's put the leash please elinks so she goes and does it in there you just make sure your hands not lingering too low because she fixed it so now the trick here not using again and I let her know love that spot love that spot so I empower empowered notion which news goes with the finish we're finished with the finish with the RIP she becomes a psychopath because that's the hardest one so we make psycho psycho psycho everything else becomes easy and they're in a a psycho imprint all the other stuff but that's not all this one and he's gonna back up here stay there alright and here you're

going to see cliff sees throws herself off the box comes back around isn't in the right position on me and I just hold off and she just gets frustrated whining why am I not getting the reward and I just wait for her herself to fix it and do it without help and once she gets it perfectly right she gets the reward all right in here after making her get frustrated and find the positions continuously she does it perfectly here what perfect exactly so if you want to challenge yourself with your own dog and you want to try something very complicated try the finish command because we call this command no joke remember you're looking for in the end like the adult dogs that we had the beginning as much speed and precision when they're told to do it as possible finished making it much more difficult so hope you enjoyed till next time Miami Dog Whisperer