01 July 2018

The Netherlands: Amsterdam | 2 weeks Traveling Europe Vlog 1

Adulting Labs: We did not quit our jobs... In this trip we travel to The Netherlands and Belgium right before major tourist season hits (hint hint, tulips). We explore ...

Hey Tee

How are you doing situation... experiencing a mechanical problems, operation due to resume in 15 - 20 Hey we made it We made it, yes... where are we going (laugh) I don't know, I was just excited to get off that damn train So, you have some tasty brussels sprouts Brussels Sprouts, Chicken and Cauliflower Soup And over here, we got a little chicken, mashed potato combination... with a cocktail. Let's take a look at your, your fancy drink in a fancy glass. Class in a glass And I have water. (Laughs) for now. Alright, so we are leaving the lovely, Centurion Lounge. There we go, there you have it right there We saved ourselves quite a bit of money, free drinks! Free fricking drinks guys I mean you need a, you need a uh American Express Platinum Card, but I mean that's really it, it really does pay for itself I think we avoided, uh, a little over $100 between all the drinks that we had and the food. Highly recommend, they're kind of scattered all over the place. We are on our way to the gate right now Yup And hopefully, we will be taking off in about a half hours time. One time a girl gave me Hermes... Ewww Yeah, look at where we are Would you care to, christen...bottom Yes You getting this? Uh, yeah You understanding all this?

Airbag, floaty device things? Yes Alright, we just made it We are in the 'Dam We are currently in Central Station Yeah, there's the harbor over here, I mean... this is March so, the weather is very iffy Today we don't really have much itinerary... we're just kind of taking a look around Northern Amsterdam is kind of overlooked, but it is significantly less and since the ferries are free, uh it's really no very inconvenient to get out here. It's every day for 5 minutes, and then the night schedule I mean, you have to wait 10 minutes yeah So it's very inconvenient at night (laughs) But we're waiting for Mike, we're going to see how prompt he is on time and, we're going to check out a coffee shop, have a space cake space... I'm having space cake, they're going to have not space cake they're going to have space cones We're going to the coffee shops for coffee... and nothing else Just taking a pee in a cage... taking a leak in the middle of everything (laughs) not weird at all So we're walking through town, I continually almost get hit by bikes and then I tell myself I'm never doing that again, I need to be more careful and then I have the memory of a goldfish, and 10 minutes later I almost get hit by another bike you know if you're not familiar with smoking weed, this is a tough town to do it in there's bikes, there's people, there's trams Hey kitty How you doing kitty (laughs) Amsterdam at night Very picturesque I don't know how much you can see (mike in background) -No no, omg, Houston has no zoning laws, Houston

has no zoning laws... look at this place, has homes on top, residences on top of restaurants -Like San Francisco -Affirmative We have Amsterdam canals in the background, how cool is that? Not like anything I've seen... Very, I would say very Not anything I've seen before think submarines have better stairs than these do oh my god Well, you know what, since our pattern has been just drinking... I think just eating will do Tee Yeah Whenever you think Kabob...you think Taylor Swift don't you? I do too Mike, how healthy is your pepperoni hot dog (laughs) that is a thumbs down Okay so along with all of these amazing hot dogs and amazing brownies you have here... Did, did you see how big these Nutella are? The Amsterdam... Domino's Pizza! The mystical croquette, from Febo... alright Oh Boy Take a little bite... (crunch) Well, you bit it, like someone who's never eaten a banana before (laughs) -that's all you -You know if someone eats a kit kat like this, you need to take them out back and shoot them immediately because they have rabies... alright -no, you're next, I'm sorry... no no you've gotta go for the front end -Okay i'm going to have a croquette (crunch) So it's like chicken and like potato gravy that's like fried and it's pretty good because it's only 2 euro Happy 30th, Happy Europe, Happy Amsterdam

Happy turning old for me, Happy Amsterdam It's okay... Happy Mike joining us on this journey, we get to smoke in a bar He's really excited about that Freedom, Freedom is what it is Amsterdam America... that doesn't make any sense