23 May 2013

The Pet Sitter

This video was made in 2006.

the pet sitter I can't believe that

we're finally getting out of town it seems like years since our last vacation well what's that three years ago do you remember when we went to wine country oh he was so beautiful it had just snowed get the flowers and the leaves were in peak color it was just so beautiful I'll never forget our trip to Grand Junction imagine me Curtis Falls hmm but honey did you line up the pet sitter yeah don't worry about it I have I have a pet sitter coming over around 2 o'clock we're gonna meet here I think you'll I think you really like her okay I'm just so worried about pirate he's so delicate and he gets so scared around strangers I'm just afraid that leaving them with someone like give him like a lifetime of abandon oh don't worry about it you know first we'll meet the pet sitter then we'll decide if that's what we want we're under no obligation but I think everything's gonna be okay don't you that's right mommy smells yeah good enough to eat right nobody smells good getting up beat that is Oh dogs can never resist the smell of pig fat it's good thing too because I need this dog to complete my photo album of mutts

hanging from their free hey honey why don't you go get the door I'll fix us some drinks and snacks hi there you must be Jane yes that pirate hello hello there you little scamp who's this weird dog huh you want my life you gotta come see this what's that what's it you want it you want a piece of meat huh you want a piece of this well coming yeah you want me to come here get me I dare ya looks like a little boy a wife with me no Freddie okay yes come on in I have some snacks and some drinks why don't you come in here it's a little more comfortable well I brought you up a list of references I thought you might want that yes now what you know I am pretty picky about the dog as I tend to sit so you don't mind if I take a look over pirate do you oh oh right great okay here we go buddy how you doing huh let's feel good yeah that's pretty cool take a look here oh yeah those are some nice chompers huh okay looks pretty good there's up just one more thing I gotta check out here oh my god oh dear god she's not doing what I think now you wait just one minute is

very standard procedure here we go the hell out of my house if I ever see you around here again I'm calling the ASPCA okay so so I'll call you okay yeah freaking thinking you're so good I'll get you and your little dog too no dog yeah get you out get them all nah you can't do