03 September 2017

The risks of a aggressive Service Dog/ Fake Service Dog to a Service Team (9/2/17)

After already having 2 panicattacks early in the day i went to a local Fred Meyer store only to have a dog start behaving very aggressively but when i reported it ...

the effects of a fake service dog or

aggressive service dog on a legitimate service team and the problems that it could cause mine [Music] I don't anyway immediately turned and started behaving aggressively so I reported it and they called a manager who had already asked the two questions to the team which was fine however problem is the fact that it's behaving aggressively overrides the fact that it may be a service dog because any service animal behaving aggressively can be asked to leave they are currently refusing to ask it to leave because they feel it's a liability issue and I just told them yeah it's also a liability issue if any animal and a service animal gets hurt because of it so they are calling a store manager a store director anyway I heard he had to panic attacks today so this isn't really a good situation so I started taping okay well like I said and I can actually it actually give the role like I said it spotted us it started behaving aggressively I mean if you're feeling that way but let me give you an actual ad a law card no no it's actually just

an acute that gives all the idiot balls including the FAFSA essay even a even fully can be asked to leave all right but I'm gonna be getting a hold of basically the conversation they called over the first two people I talk to about talking to quite a lot the first manager if if the vet video caught it was a guy in the red vest I've talked to quite a bit and he's great with dealing with issues was um you know aggressive dogs in the store because unfortunately it's all too common especially at this Fred Meijer sorry I'm still really not okay but yeah basically they told me I could call the cops and if I still felt threatened by that dog I'm just offering them an ad a law card they thought I was threatening them for trying to explain so much for the shopping I need to get done minecraft but the longer I stay in here my anxiety is getting I don't know I can't get ahold of corporate this weekend obviously I had a lot of anxiety just about trying to leave if I actually asked I want to make sure the dog wasn't you know like hanging out like just to see if they coming in I was so terrified of running

into any time and unfortunately several of the lassard's actually surprised me today that they said they asked the two questions because that's kind of new I mean there have been people that I know have had pets in here there have been dogs and kennels trying to dig their way out literally through the side of a fabric kennel and the basket just going ballistic there than dogs and baskets trying you know just going absolutely insane anytime they see another and another dog and it's like you know I've even seen people with guinea pigs in the story I mean clearly that [Music] to get me through those situations even situations like today where you know orderly and I know that there that situation is getting close I literally like going through this mental freeze okay breathe breathe okay that's not working that's a dog okay your dogs right there and it's almost like she can sense it's probably because of how well-trained she is I mean she's been with me since she was

a pup she knows it's like she's pulled me out of so many just sociated episodes she's kept me from going into them so an incident like today you know luckily in a store not really but I mean obviously it was a dog tried to hurt me but you know or a person but public helped you know walk in somewhere you know they don't even think about you know I don't know from what I what I know about today's incident was the dog when we walked past it the first time Kiana was on the opposite side so the dog didn't see her I'm like okay I needed to go get something I was already in a heightened anxiety state because I had to panic attacks I wasn't doing well so everything my entire just being able to function to even go grab one thing was solely and completely dependent on my dog being able to be okay be safe and be able to help me function and so we doubled back I I told my mom you know hey we gotta go get this thing but anyways so we doubled back as soon as this dog sees us I hear growling barking and the dogs actually on a flexi lead which I hadn't noticed the first time which I know a lot of handlers feel is a red flag

I personally hate them my mom uses them walking my dog in the morning it's actually a major point of contention between us she feels you know oh she needs to run I'm like well then just get a long leash I hate them I hate them I hate them I hate them I especially if your dog is working it's working a flexi lead is not the correct tool I mean so anyway we then doubled back again because we were I was getting the heck out of there I noticed the dog was actually being dragged literally the dog was facing me being pulled in the other direction yeah so I don't know what this dog says she was clearly had some dog issues I go up to customer service you know can you call a manager this is what's just happened obviously I'm not okay you know we've been attacked oh wow so sorry if I'm a little anxious and the guy is like oh yeah and in fact he just like he called the manager and turned around he was it was like a one check stand downside just motioned him over and then he decides to call this lady who is the lady you hear in the video however I've never dealt with this lady I don't know they said that they were calling this store director store

manager they referred to them as both I don't know they told me they had already half the dog a handler that quote two questions anyway so the lady comes over told me that the dog handler had already been he quote two questions which this store doesn't have service dog welcome stickers which every other friends I've ever been in has the fact that they even said the thing had already asked them tells me that there was already a problem prior to me coming in the store so I don't know what the pre-existing issue that appeared to be there was but yeah anyway I tried to explain to her you know when it appeared that she was the law goes one step past them all right I will read this straight off of the ad a business brief for service animals which I will put a link to in the description ok so a person with a disability cannot be asked to remove his service animals from the premises unless one the dog is out of control and the handler does not take effective action to control or the or to the dog is not housebroken when there is a legitimate reason to ask the service animal be removed staff must offer the

person with the disability the opportunity to obtain goods or services was the outfit without the animals presence and that was what I tried to point out I even offered the lady and ad a la carte at what point she felt she told me she felt that I was threatening them yeah and I will show I will put images on screen of what my ATA law cards look like they're basically just saying well you don't listening to me here's what you are aren't allowed to do yeah when I was taking off my pain meds in December it cost me to obviously being a hoarder pain I wonder just taking some time to focus on me getting counseling and get my pain under control yeah I won't be putting some vlogs oh hopefully shortly explaining everything I'm just now getting back to where I can start vlogging again so I hope to see you guys again more frequently in the near future [Music] you