24 April 2019


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every night I'm going round the good Sexton back I want you get you up on the other side I miss you miss you take you off I came away the strong cannot be below key got me dragging your pheromones II to follow your taste bad reception up there we're headed by gravity pulling you're being closer to me and you're off my fader [Music] I'm afraid by myself in between the lines underneath you bet she's started fun but now I want me to deep into this zero-sum games ever those there's no safe and past it every time you walk away from me I want you I want you so she [Music] enjoy [Music] you're my friend I'm liking markets from pillar to post there's no denying I'm chasing causes I'm like an outcast from pillar to post hitting you up but I'm stuck on hold this is really a bad reception out there where you're headed I love [Music] put your eye

[Music] careful you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] my daddy baby don't [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] if I open it like I do under mine [Music] [Music] [Music] losing [Music] [Music] you keep me on my feet um to the beat my favorite song keep it on repeat please don't let it fade just say you a father Issa you say I won't let you down [Music] keep it we

it's [Music] [Applause] [Music] you've got what I want take it you just sweep me off my feet to a different beat just say [Music] every song just say [Music] [Music] keep it - thank you it's [Music] [Applause] [Music] I pop up in a painted carpet we pour my love from a cloud above so bright I can see the light it's taking you up and above the blue sky he's good too between in all of the honey sweet brew of ours up up in a painted cup right in the sky like a Firefly like a Firefly I believe is to fear fire I believe to believe is to see how the president comes from dreams pop up in a painted car powered paraglider cross the sky let flowers and tiny hearts keeping

a line in the crapper so sweet like a honeybee buzz I've up in a painted carpet right in the sky like a Firefly like a Firefly I believe is too I believe the person comes [Music] in my life these [Music] [Music] I'm cuddly my [Applause] [Music] cuz the while I'm not gonna find hypnotized stockings on my mind because you gotta you gotta be something I fight for me you're so well I'm not gonna fight replay in my mind of your things you wanna do to me replay in my mind Oh [Music] get social you [Music] is so close to mine you gotta you gotta

be such a mister me for me blow my mind I just captain I replay to me [Music] the ocean you [Music] [Music]