07 November 2015

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Damn dog!

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oh oh no fruit here either Oh think

anyone's been sleeping in here I can't tell it's okay he's dead look you can see the bike looks like he tried to cut it out it's okay we're smart he's not are smarter than all of them hey it's okay boy yes he can't hurt us think he had himself tied up or did someone force him to do this like it hurt hey stand back okay Oh hey Oh see we just have to stay out of their reach still pretty short at least we found something useful we won't go another night without food okay got a check everywhere well here we go oh oh my god thank you look Sam I can no let's see what's inside please don't be bad thank God I guess you are pretty hungry too here you go hey Danny at all

sorry Sam I'm out grabber let's go come on kid we got a kid I think I think we're safe yeah yeah we're good hey you all right I I think so what are you doing out here where the the people you're with there's no chance you made it this long on your own my friend and I got attack hmm these folks mention what they were after they might have just wanted food we were cooking some sort of weasel they attacked you for a weasel damn that slope they didn't mention any names right they weren't searching for anybody hmm well I'm Luke this is Pete hey there hi I'm Clementine that's nice to meet you clone a time for now we're gonna take you back to our group okay we got a doctor with us and you look like you could use some ocean what what is it she's she's a big man fuck fuck fuck fuck what are we gonna do here no it was a dog I didn't see any dog Clementine come on kid we just saw you with those lurkers back there no it really was a dog please believe me look I want to kid but I gotta believe my own two eyes first I didn't see no dog no it was from

before alright let's see whoa hey watch yourself hey don't look at me like that you're the one that's been here okay see is it uh so that she says well could be a dog hard to say so weird this dog the one that did this no what what does that matter Pete seriously I I killed it what really a dog shows up and bites you and you just kill it what would you have done I don't know it attacked me still you don't you don't kill dogs Clementine yes you telling us the truth look me in the eyes when you answer yes alright Clementine that's good enough for me what else was she gonna say I've got a good bullshit detector Luke that's why you can never made me a poker you don't always beat the end all right how can you be sure well I'm sure I ain't willing to leave a little girl in the woods to die when we got a doctor with us that can make a call we can have Carlos take a look at it first Nick ain't gonna like this not with what have you don't have to remind me of that boy right sorry sir

come on Clementine are you feeling all right I'm fine just tired well you better be fine cuz i ain't carrying you into more with that bite on your arm don't worry about