13 March 2019

The Walking Dead - Will Dog Die In Season 10?

hey what's up guys Spencer Rhodes here

so in season 9 of The Walking Dead Daryl has had a dog that he named well dog that's kind of that's just such a Daryl thing to do to have a dog and then just name it dog it's such a Daryl thing to do but some people are worried that dog is going to be killed off in this season or in season 10 or in season 11 of The Walking Dead it's kind of a cliche for main characters to have a pet and then the pet gets killed off to sort of get an emotional response from the audience an example that comes to mind is Will Smith's dog and I am Legend you know I mean zekiel is tiger and The Walking Dead a lot of horses have died in The Walking Dead yeah some people are just worried that the dog is going to die plus in some way is Daryl is kind of cursed because it seems like a lot of characters well especially when it comes to Daryl I mean I know that there was is one of the longest living characters on the show and that kind of plays a part in this but it almost seems like Daryl is cursed and that if you get close to Darryl you die I mean Darrell got close to Beth and she died you know Daryl was close to Glenn and he died and Darryl was close

to Rick and he supposedly died you know so it almost seems like being a close to Daryl or being one of Daryl's friends or being someone that Daryl cares a lot about that can get you killed unless your name is Carol Carol's kind of the big exception but yeah some people are worried that you know we're gonna have a dog dies to sort of raise the stakes and get an emotional reaction from Daryl and have Daryl be sad and get character development and just you know have a sad death in general but dog is not going to die in season 9 that would just be way too soon I mean they've already killed off Jesus they already had Rick and Maggie leave the show yeah we're gonna have the the twelve heads on spikes and no dog is not going to dog is not gonna be one of the twelve it's up spikes I would just be so stupid that would like heads that all of a sudden you got a dog head like no that's no that's that would not work it would not work it I'm not saying it would be sad I'm just saying it would be kind of out of place you're Ronnie hazus has spoken about this several times on his channel having dog be one of the heads on spikes would just be really really silly and

people would make memes about it and and and stuff like that I mean who would be really really upset other than Daryl I mean you know as some characters might like dog but they'd be focused on the humans you know they'd be focused on their wives and their husbands and their kids and their friends being decapitated and being Walker heads on sticks they're not gonna look at this this dog head leg a stick and Daryl would just be sort of in the corner crying to himself yeah while everyone else is focused on the humans it's just not it's you don't want to go go in that territory you know you don't want to you don't want to do that you don't want a dog to be one of the heads on spikes so dog is 100% safe when it comes to the heads on spikes there is no way and the hell dog is going to be one of the heads on spikes he could die in another way in season nine but I'm the between Jesus dying the heads on spikes Rick leaving and Mackey leaving I just think that that we have enough characters that we're losing whether its kid the cast members wanting to leave or them getting killed off we're just we're losing enough characters in this season

I mean we lost Morgan and Dwight in a way because they both went to fear the walking dead so we believe we just lost enough characters lately I think we were the heads on spikes will be more than enough to sort of tie up season 9 when it comes to you know character losses character deaths I don't think we need dog dying on top of that and he's not going to be one of the heads on spikes because at Walton you know I just explained why he won't be so he's not gonna die in any other way because it's just that'd be just too much them now in season 10 it's possible they could kill off dog during the whisperer war they could have dog die a a sad or you know a badass death during the whisperer war in season 10 now me personally I like him to at least make the season 11 I just think that I mean Darrell's suffered quite a lot on this show I mean Daryl's Darryl's been put through the wringer really I mean he you know he he kind of called he kind of claw he kind of caught a can talk he kind of caused Glen's death you know he in a way he's kind of responsible for Glenn dying and I'm sure that he feels responsible for what

happened with Frick I mean when you think about it you know he was the one that that said oh I'll take you to Alexandria and then took Rick somewhere else and that kind of led to Rick being on his own trying to save the bridge you know stuff like that and I mean Darrell's lost a lot of characters that are close to him you know Daryl's cried a lot on the show you know he lost Beth that was a huge blow a huge devastating blow for him I mean he had an unhappy childhood he was he was whipped all the time he's got chiller with scars on his back yeah I mean he was devastated when he lost his brother Merle I mean Darrell has been through a lot of loss I mean we've seen Darrell lose characters that he cares about it and cry and suffer and be broken I feel like dog would killing off dog which it would just be like a needless repeat of that I kind of want to see something newer with Daryl something besides Daryl losing someone that he cares about and being broken and making that cry face that he's off practically infamous for making and and being all upset and being broken I want something a little more different from

Daryl you know I wanted something a little more refreshing for Daryl I think I think that yeah I mean they could eventually kill off dog they could eventually give dog you know a sad death I mean we when you think about it I'm just gonna eventually die anyway I mean daryl is gonna outlive dog I mean don't dogs only live like 20 30 years I think it's less than 30 I mean they they don't live that long so if if the show does you know more and more you know time jumps dog could die from natural causes I mean maybe that's the way to go just have you know dog died from natural causes I mean how old is the dog I mean is he is he you know 7 8 10 12 probably not 12 I don't know he seems he seems I mean as far as dog years ago he seems less than middle age I'd say so I don't know I'm hoping that dog survives season nine dog survives season ten if they want to give dog a sad death in season 11 okay fine I mean you know their needs there really needs to be sad deaths in every season of The Walking Dead now if dog makes it to like season 12 season 13 that'd be cool that'd be great I mean I'm not against that I'm just I

don't know if that's realistic because it's the Walking Dead and there's gonna be Deaf's every season there's not only are there gonna be deaths but there's going to be sad deaths and I mean dogs you know being with Daryl dogs can be mixed in with the action a lot you know fighting the bad guys fighting the walkers you know sooner or later I'm worried that the riders wouldn't be able to resist the opportunity to have dogs like heroically sacrificed himself to save Daryl I mean you can just imagine that happening like like just clear as day dog somehow sacrificing himself to save you know the great plot armor Daryl Dixon and you know Daryl crying and making that cry face again and all that and I mean you know down the line like I wouldn't even I wouldn't even want a dog to die in season 10 like I said he should at least make it a season 11 because we've already had Daryl go through enough losses and already make that cry face enough times and be broken enough times we need we we should at least take a break from that you know at least have Daryl go a few seasons without this huge huge loss to someone that's really close to him unless it's

the heads on spikes because the heads on spikes I mean that's that's kind of inevitable it's a big comic moment it needs to happen it's going to happen if Daryl loses someone close to him and that and that scene that's fine just not dog so I'm hoping that dog at least makes it a season 11 if he like I said if he makes it to 12 13 14 15 great cool I mean I support that you know keep dog alive as long as you want I'm not against that if he dies of natural causes or old age or something that's fine I mean they're probably not going to do to too many huge time skips I mean season 10 will probably I mean you know it might be a little bit after season 9 but you know I'm hoping with Judith they don't do the shit that they did with Chandler Riggs where it's like you know 8 years go by in real time and they're like much much older but then in the show oh she's still 10 years old and she's like 18 in real life like no don't do that shit just you know in season 10 you got a little bit of leeway because I expect the whisper war will take place shortly after the heads on spikes but Season eleven you'll make it like eight months later nine months

later ten months later season twelve make it a year after season eleven season thirteen make it a year after season twelve because Judas actress is going to age you know they'll just keep it keep it realistic I mean have had the show you know having a timeline go with the actresses aging and so that she's not a 15 year old playing a 12 year old like Chandler Riggs was like don't do that shit don't make that mistake again that's why I'm saying dog could die of natural causes because they might do have you know every season be like literally a year later you know stuff like that so you know eight nine years later I mean the dog would be what old someone old so I don't know and I don't even know how much longer the show's gonna be on the air I mean it could it could it I I'm pretty sure it'll get like a season 11 at least it could end after 11 it could end after 12 I don't know so maybe dog could survive the series maybe he's one of the last big set one of the last big sad deaths I don't know but I'm sure dog will survive season 9 I'm worried about him in season 10 I hope he survives season 10 he's got my

vote for sure but I really think that dogs should he shouldn't die until at least season 11 and I'm not saying that because I want it to happen I don't want to seem like an animal hater or anything but just knowing the Walking Dead and how much it likes to kill off characters that are popular and characters you like they could kill off dog in season 11 they could I wouldn't put it past them but I'm hoping he at least makes it that far at least anyway that's all I have for this video let me know what you think in the comments below don't be shy hit that I can subscribe I'm not going anywhere I make one the two Walking Dead videos per day so please hit that subscribe button right now we're at 427 subscribers my goal is to try to get to 500 in the next few months so just remember every subscriber counts every bit of support matters and is very very appreciated hopefully we can get to that goal of 500 anyway with all that said I am Spencer Rhodes and I will see you guys later bye