11 October 2018

The Walking Dog

he pulls too much no and yet we're still

okay so someone's on oh my feet can you go get my shoes none nice to get towards you none you can go on for however long you want yeah it doesn't matter until we actually have people watching but what if they want today okay guys we're walking my dog and he pulls way too much his hair is coming off cuz he is he's allergic yeah he's allergic to grass like he's gross okay well he's cute on the front yes he'll have no one watching well maybe I can like tell my friends to like my friends leaving with my dog go to run I can't run girl you're real fast about this ankle if any of my friends are watching this please subscribe because we're lonely here I mom it's not your channel true but we were both on the video Sam is the lonely loader and only two subscribers me and her sister can I like thumbs up can I see who's TechStars wait you want that Oh should we do that live chat yeah where are your you don't oh we were on that white someone starts walk sandy I got everyone my mom said hi guys that pauses it it does to resume

no look it's doing watching can someone just please like join what are you doing nothing should we do that one hi you guys no that's for us let's put us in sketch we look better in sketch Lucy I look ya know cooler okay all right where's that [Applause] how does Dallas look code I want me routine mm I wonder if we can actually see ghosts hmm what's this you like sketches better keep looking no not that way oh right party bubbles I love bubbles darkness out there what's up I'll fart on you gonna come in the video I made it out here no I like I like let me go to the ghost don't you like the ghost or do you want don't know I like that one my sketch no the sketch looks right there okay we're hunting hunting now war now we're gonna switch let's cool my eyes my nose my nose ooh my glasses are glowing my eyebrows are too I hear the bathroom so Sammy's gonna have boats hold this awesome oh yeah my hair looks like guys we're gonna see if we can actually like find ghosts

with this whoa this house looks so weird look what's that in their window okay swear I saw something that thing hey okay okay [Music] what I like this link watch wow it looks like guys just this struggle is real kind of your shirt looks so good I wonder what water looks like but it's dirty water so that's it good it's like that's the point I want to see at home and inside of my whoa hold on oh wait white is an angel everything kind of black and white is a kind of angel so you're kind of an angel your butt looks big in this pearl I got a we have no one watching so I don't think it really matters right let's see if we can find any ghosts now we're on a ghost hunt hey you can't see him yeah this way oh oh it down here yeah it used to be actually everything they don't got most of the buyers but they did not it's so dark down there but then OB spurts like look over here it's left and then dark hunting not haunting look dark because it's not focusing what is it white I put it - it's not

okay no it's not like see it's not it's not like look look Oh word out it's not that's not yeah yeah why did you look like that is there something wrong this is Rishabh ring [Laughter] [Music] how does that look you can't like see your face look it looks like you erased my face they erased Alice Oh turn around they embraced Dallas doesn't even show you're not even showing in the picture I'm sketch I defeat around it no girl [Music]