09 September 2019

The Walking Vlog| Dog Walk| Say Hello To My Friend

go for a walk I'm gonna take a walk with

Daddy take a walk with Daddy yeah okay we're gonna take a walk yeah tighten the leash up all the way because last time I was gonna run off like a buddy very good stretch stretch I don't wait wait 100 place the mailman's out here - I think this is a little walk you up a little so take the circle gonna take the circle walk come on let's take the wall I'm single Claus come make certain no parks come yep there's one coming you know we got to do when it's closed down we go wait no more cars come on buddy I'm getting the grass hot mr. groundhog you only get him dressed go peepee or something won't we out here well one empty he'll help daddy up our video to heal what whoo-hoo Peabody is my name see I don't have to pee I'm just playing the game clicking bottle right they're gonna cut my leg open home so I definitely gotta pee daddy he's talking about walking the dog there wait for daddy guess what boy in 19 minutes Bubba will use the whole night scene then strategical it you go run run I think you to run nice combination ready to paint on bow

what does that look like what is that what do you say cycling being yeah found it well we ain't going on to Tibbett doll cake his mama getting say I love my dog mom dealing midnight mister sniffing boy put some sniffing well true smell good like the way to trace miracle and lick it you're gonna do lick it tree hmm [Music] like you love it true you don't you really loved it come on think I do none of that you know you ain't got to do none of that you then did all that today no you didn't get all that post skied a ski out of you hey Joe no no slowpoke just play stuff oh there's lipo lipo I won't be on the lipo sir II gotta pee on the light post mo come on silly dog oh so silly so Scylla Ewing I do know and you ring us to do nothing anyway goes to do nothing big well the night you know the tree Oh tree-hugging hippie you peeing on all the trees running off with me why let go running off on me by alright

no you'll run play like we're doing those licks yet I'll be doing those licks here by okay over here you like any grass stay in the grass I'll pee on the bush I'm sorry Fiona bus y'all on the buses that's right as ahead what's this over here see the pin just uh part or not you get the dog park you're just the dog's heart huh I'm looking to tell apart I'm going to tell apart well going to do part o midnight come in dull part oh come in come in come in local my boy come here come here mo alright good boy come on follow daddy all the day come here every night good boy well follow daddy Walsall daddy maybe night me 89 Oh midnight come here midnight you gonna catch daddy I'm gonna play with the panko panko keep back home get it well smoke follow your daddy well right a fence this way no lemon boy be good be good boy good boy over here Finn slack over there good boy good boy good boy good boy good boy oh good boy he's a good boy all right well well you're right - the fence Renta [Music] no nobody

mmm coming daddy coming daddy being good boy small midnight yeah 89 come on mom Pedro eat up eat 40 times did he going bye-bye there you leave it did he leave it you come with Daddy still coming away daddy huh humming wait daddy where you go home can we go home we go home you're too cheap we go home get to eat eat well fools say you over here you get the Mercedes Fox Bubba do you be fine - a man well smelling the dog come on don't know what you doing you ain't sleek I know you're smelling the doggie nice slick we'd have been through this I know where all the dogs are well no silly boy no break over just like no follow you daddy oh you did it boy let's go check out the backyard over here grunts all right I'm gonna run let's ride me night come on right boy right right what are you doing to her well supply you what we going this way playing boy know what's good for you know what's good for everyone used to poop in them up pushes over huh I'm in pooping in bushes over some owners open spot down here open

spot down here so what you looking for open spot you looking for an open spot bubs I did was trying to tell me Kimmo slowing down the program get on the move of Jackson get on the move midnight Oh littles like move like it's 12 o'clock all the time my own boy occupy allmovie good boy almost home second walk today should be happy not even take another light it just be good no the mummy and ego dump are today so you've been a good boy no don't tell mommy you've been a good boy today or what no you do and then you don't want to tell you've been bad mom are you fine you know I'm doing that don't play no games both Oh sniffing it sniffing like you're gonna poop you ain't gonna poop go poke go poop there play no games child you go potty go potty don't pick and choose where you go go potty you don't pick and choose well your mouth watering and everything boy fifteen percent on the phone I'm still going moving slow above a clump moving slowly view back to the house looking back to the house and moving slow dog

too slow bro pumps we're almost there there's no time for it oh did he just hard to spawn up phones almost deed I'm saying charge it up so we can tell people to subscribe Oh without me oh thank you sir almost there almost there let's wait for traffic go wait the car CNN's coming right boy come out and it's a clear pathway we've got to know that one case you want to run off thinking just run back and forth across the street cuz there's cars coming you know say we gotta wait for the cars no matter what on the other side is traffic you're gonna run to stay on the same side of the road can keep all running like yeah right that's right wing's huh sorry that's harder sorry I made it back in the house pulling the house and he'll lovely walk with the dog yes there is just above Thanks