30 July 2015


Went on quite the journey and ended up at Way Home festival! LIKE & SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://bit.ly/Sub2MarkFreeman408 WATCH MY TOP VIDEOS HERE: ...

race rig rig 7:00 o'clock Friday morning

I think headed north could pick up the boat fingers crossed for selling it warranties ended so we're getting rid of it and hopefully got a Mastercraft here I'm done with tyke yeah I'm gonna do that and busy weekend actually couple weekend or week sad but this weekend's are a busy couple birthdays couple of trips got a promo and Niagara Falls so yeah starts today I'm ready to go probably not going home for a few days and see out there quick Thorndale rip my truck broke down so I'm currently driving this forward escape piece of junk it's amazing how much you rely on things that you there's no reverse camera and those levels are run over like ten people off to Dorchester to breakfast sandwich my protein berries oh yeah choc milk I'm good to go let's do this all right here we go in Dorset yeah but first we got to go to Minden Hill Minden Hills and the doors about your cross-clamping smoothie you got the surfboard we're gonna go surfing couple boards in the back then hopefully end up at wait hold hey we'll just see how it goes see if we can it here on the way home this guy

so we're halfway to berry no no we're halfway to somewhere and to Minden we're all over the place and then what happened Eva the owner of boots and hearts away home decided to give us a couple VIP tickets for way home tonight so we're camping out VIP style way home in that girl's Creek what happens next well today didn't go as planned we've done a lot of driving go to tanning no boat sunburns sunburns but we're on our way home yeah we're on our way home we got VIP tickets comped for the way home festival it kind of looks like a whole bunch porta-potties they come a career so as mad as we are we're happy you know shit happens shit happens because that was a concert we were there next up beach party go wedding first for you I'm gonna go have a nap and then beach party ketchup in the in the sandy let's go it is beautiful Sunday morning 7:00 a.m. I have not usually open this time on Sundays or ever just give two shots jumpin the race rig with him and then we're gonna go to shirk seashores deal

promo had to recover yesterday at least nap I'm ready to go got my stereo good because this Ford Escape sucks yeah do this box already do this guys go somewhere are you ready Carol next stop Tim Hortons y'all nervous as video is gonna be a bit of Carol today yeah everything's about you what's Carol what do you ever know what she's doing back there they love this setup begun Shaun struggling help me yeah just a beauty day Oh there he goes - I think you got the cheap ones we are done for the day shift over what a matte let's go home you