30 December 2015


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we're gonna talk about this dude right

here these people with this x-l pitbulls this is not a pitbull this is not the food cuts to stop the lion this is not a pit bull pit bulls is not show dogs they are working dogs good for hog hunting good for catching small game website don't get me wrong he got some good American bullies working American bullies that's what he got these are working American bullies not pit bulls not pit bulls these are working American bullies good working dogs dogs patek look at this see this shit razor edge iron cross and Rollo and blue these are not pitbull bloodlines don't get me wrong look at them the built on these damn dogs this soup reminds me of my bitch Tara my blue bitch Tara this with this great-looking fucking dog nice fucking blue male right there pup that's a stud now look look at this we won't do this grey lines razor edge big but hey what the fuck is a Butthead that's the bloodline these are the bloodlines a but hey get the fuck don't yo don't get me wrong good-looking fucking dog look this is a Butthead bloodline but why you always lying stop always live kill the dog is great

looking though great look look look a hundred and four pounds these are not pitbulls they are not pitbulls not they are not it bulls man it is iron cross watch dog whatever this shit is gray lines again these are not pit bulls great looking fucking body muscle is like motherfucker boy don't even owe eighty pounds and grown when they say eighty pounds and grown alright this is this 55 pound dog don't look like a pit bull to me look like a working American bullies you know don't get me wrong there's our working American bullies just like this that fat slow fucking big-ass belly to the ground fucking bullies you got them all so they can't breathe but these are working American bullies these ain't pit bulls this man is doing fraud stop doing fraud man yo bro but you got some good looking dogs his name is this is this kill name this that's his kennel name it's known as Galilee nice fucking looking dogs it seemed like when you cut the dog's is it makes it looks better fuck that ear cut look at that make a chess great-looking dog but not a pitbull not a fucking pit bull these are not pit bulls they are

not pit bulls working American bully's that's what this thing it has working American bullies nice fucking mouth man working American bullies remember those people these people is got tag papers and hang papers under the American Pit Bull Terrier fraud we don't do fraud don't give me dog get me wrong his dogs do bite work it's a good ass dog that does bike work that's great like this I like this mouth right here boy like them but this is not a pitbull these are not pit bulls getting ahead people these are not pit bulls this is not a pit bull of pit bulls is not trained to be human aggressive or trained to be guard dogs pit bulls are bred to be working dogs and hunting dogs fuck that damn dogfighting shit we don't indulge in a shit but this is this is what working American bull bullies or both bullies whatever you want to call it American bullies these are not pit bulls get that in your head people the line needs to stop look you know there's some fucking cute ass dogs but they're not pit bulls they ain't pit bulls thank you for watching my videos this man is a known liar also

is no such thing as excel fucking pit bull x-l pit bulls there's no such thing at all no fucking such thing is excel pit bulls remember this kennel buyers beware this is not a pit bull you got papers that says you got pit bulls go change it with the UKC and the a DBA and other registry you do not have pit bulls you got American bullies pace y'all thank you for watching my videos the truth need to be told the truth needs to be told