28 February 2017

These Pilots Rescue Animals And Fly Them To Safety [INSIGHTS]

These pilots rescue animals from kill shelters and fly them to safe homes. They dedicate their planes and free time to save animals who will be euthanized.

- We are a charity comprised of volunteers and pilots,

and we fly a lot of dogs and cats out of high-kill shelters and dire situations throughout the country. -In my 10 years in the field, I have never seen anybody move animals on such a large scale as they do. Unfortunetly, we have a huge problem in this country where people do not spay and nueter their pets. We take the pets from a region in the country where they have no future but a euthanasia needle. Imperial County has the second highest unemployment rate in the entire country. It contributes to a very large portion of Southern California's pt overpopulation. -The shelter cannot keep all of them. Many places, they'll end up euthanizing the pets however cute they are. Gas chambers or if gas is not available, a shot in the head will do. -The way that I see it, it's not fair to make an animal pay the ultimate sacrifice for human error. So today, we had 49 lives saved, and they are going to get the chance that nobody else would give them. -My number one goal in life and for the shelter is to save lives, and because of them, we have done that so many times. -You can't blame the shelters for being high-kill. It's the communities that they serve. The society there killed the pets. There are corrupt shelters that are really poorly run, but, by and large, the people that are involved animal care are not the culprits. They're the heroes. An operation cost of the plane behind me is about $800 an hour. They are expensive. Nothing we can do about it. However, they are fast, and they do what the trucks will never do. We do not stay in fancy hotels. We drive our own cars.

We prepare our own sandwiches on flights. It's all for the pets. -Here they are. Come and get them! -This dog was gonna die if it stayed in the shelter another two hours is in somebodys home that night. Pretty amazing.