04 June 2019


I booked an ASAP sitting through the Wag! App to care for a senior malamute. After noticing some unusual traits and behaviors I came to find out at the ...

hey guys I booked a sitting for tonight

and you know how it works there's a start time and an end time and it's usually like a three-hour window for start and end time so I was offered a 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. start time and a 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and time with no overnights day so I don't know about you but the way I process that was like okay night potty playtime maybe feed maybe not head home come back for morning potty playtime maybe feed maybe not and to me that's what that meant owner calls and says hey 9:00 p.m. start time stay the whole time no walks needed and leave at 3:30 a.m. I'm just recording this because it seems really bizarre I've never had such a strange request so I'll keep you with me I don't know I don't know who ends is sitting at 8:30 a.m. we're on the move apparently he hates dogs it's pretty late okay guys yesterday was crazy I knew something was off with the sitting and obviously I went through with it anyways because I wanted to see what it was all about so I'll give you a little rundown i I left my place

like 10 minutes before the walk because it was like a five-minute I mean ten minutes before the sitting because it was a like a five minute walk so I head over there I get to the the address posted an app and I'm pressing the call box number that is listed in the app and okay so I press that it says code not found so I text the owner I'm like hey it said it's not found he's like well turn my last name of my first name I scrolled the directory a couple times and still can't find it so he was like oh sorry I moved and it's my old address in the app and I'm a quarter-mile away and I'm like okay I'm on foot I'll be there ASAP so I had over there it was like a ten minute walk and he's outside with the dog so kai is the dog and so like approaching him and Kai it felt unlike a typical greeting now I've I've worked with large breeds dogs large breed dogs before German shepherds actual Malamutes Huskies combinations of those types labradoodles labs golden you know large breed dogs so this dog dog was massive just different bone structure different tails everything so he has a dog in a tiny harness with like

the tiniest little leash she was like I don't know maybe I got to fight leash really strange but anyways the the calm composed nature of Chi really kind of like threw me off and he the owner was just fine with not hanging until the leash I had grabbed the leash anyway he's like oh you don't need to do that he's not gonna go anywhere like okay sure so we go for a little stroll down the street and he briefs me on what's up with the dog I guess he's the terminally ill has a few different diseases so gave me a rundown on that and his tumors and he had an injured tail because he had experienced a pretty severe separation anxiety episode and when he escaped his crate I guess he cut his tail somehow and there was blood everywhere and it was a big mess and he was just like barking up a storm and then the neighbors complained or something so that's why I was called in because of separation anxiety so we got into the apartment he shows me how to use the TV the remote you know just like little things where where Kai's snacks are that kind of stuff right so the owner leaves to go to work he's like I'll be back around 3:30 for sure by for you you'll

be out of here I'm like okay cool so Kai and I are just hanging out on the ground and I start putting him and I was so different the texture the texture of the fur the texture of like the thickness of the coat there was like this oily residue it was it was just different okay so watching TV I start doing some yoga like next to him and he wanted nothing to do with me he was just like hanging out taking a little nap I was petting him a little bit and and then I I sit on the couch and he he starts doing this like circling motion and like pointing at the door looking at me similar to a dog but unlike a dog just the look in his eyes it was like he was really trying to communicate what he wanted and so like okay I got a dude do you want to go outside so we go out he pees a couple times we're on her walk and people are just getting away from us they want nothing to do with us at all I don't believe them and someone says like oh that's a wolf and I remember hearing that thinking like oh clothes know so oh my god so we we go back in I text the owner I like oh hey just got back from like a potty break and he was doing great and blah blah blah and so I

just keep watching Netflix Kai's just chillin and and then he alerts me he wants to go out again and I'm like alright dude you got it so we had out there I guess he was like constipated from the move and hadn't gone number two in a few days so he finally went number two and that was like another indicator something was off this is number 2's for different than dog number twos not by a lot just you know different enough so then we get back in it was a little wet outside so I was like telling him down his paws were totally different his his legs were more rigid the joints are a little different and so much so I tell him down he doesn't just like have not responding to me like a dog typically responds even large breed dogs you know it was just different so he after he had number two he or what number two he was like I mean my snack so he goes in circles around the fridge and he's like indicating he wants something from the kitchen right I'm like okay like you want your you want your chicken so I give him his chicken scraps that were in the fridge and I try to get him to sit and he was like not a girl I'm not

sitting I'm like alright fine so I was like I wanted to get a command out of him and so I asked for paw whoa not like a husky paw a German chef none of it even like a pip pod like for some reason even though like they're pretty forceful dogs when they give pot like yeah it's a little more forceful than a like a weaker or smaller dog or something but it's so like it's like a little ogre he's just like slapping you so he he gives me paw and I'm like okay and I I go to give him his chicken scraps and the the fours just oh I don't know if you've ever felt that before not not like pit four is not like not like large breed dog for it it's oh so you can feel it you can feel the air it's just like the jaw structure is completely different all of it it's completely different it likes to be honest like when I would give him his chicken scraps I I was a little concerned so and yeah so but he was a good boy he didn't he didn't nip he wasn't like he was he was dominating the situation for sure but at least he was nice about it I felt like a bit of a captive really like mmm anyways so he he has his chicken and now he wants to lay

in bed so because he's he's rundown and kind of weak a weaker he's not really weak but like weaker than he used to be he has like a little staircase leading up to the mattress so he didn't want to go up on the side that the stairs were located so I had to move the staircase for him move that he went up laid down and just was like having a sweet little oh not really doggie dreams but you know at the time I still thought this is the Melhem you so the owner trucks in how was he doing he's a little sleepyhead right now with a little photo right and I was like great so everything's everything's going well Kai's doing great I'm just watching Netflix and then the owner comes home and he's like oh hey like how'd everything go give me a rundown even though I had been in like basically constant contact with him I was like updating him maybe every hour 90 minutes so which is I mean it's kind of needy but whatever I kind of understand why you know he's terminally ill so I give him the rundown and he's like oh yeah and I say something about how stubborn he was and that's when the owner was

finally like yeah both of his parents are wolves kai is wildlife full-on wolf whoa whoa whoa wolf from nature a wolf I I will set I I was wolf sitting I will set for six and a half hours yeah so I don't know if you've ever sat a wolf before it's for me it was pretty uneventful obviously it's it's risky and dangerous and all of that the owner ended up telling me how he can't take take high two to Petco or doggy daycare or you know things like that and how he has to be listed it was a Malamute to live in apartment complexes and things like that obviously but yeah Kai's parents used to be disney wolves or something like that so he says i guess they were like acting wolves and it was an accidental breeding mistake and guy came out of it and hmm he wolf a wolf yeah so I just I'm still kind of in disbelief I'm so thankful nothing went awry I mean like walking walking a wolf crazy I walked a wolf I held onto a leash attached to a harness on a wolf and you know the difference there is that like he was in total control it was it was nuts nuts which is crazy but yeah this is long enough just wanted to fill

you in on my wolf sitting experience so yeah our walls