05 December 2018

THIS DOG IS HUGE *my first vlog*

Sully is the cutest - would you believe he's 130lbs?! If you live in the Lisle, IL area and need a dog walker/sitter check me out in Rover! Hope you guys liked ...

hey guys I am about to take a quick

shower and I'm actually going to walk one of my Rover dogs Sully over in a neighborhood close to mine and then I have to go to the pet store as well as the grocery store to get food for the cats and a snake and food for me so I'm really tempted to like do well I take the work with the showers I've been using this toner water called pixie tonic glow most of my face is fairly soft but I do get texture kind of like on my cheek area as well as Matua in forehead which is pretty much all my face I've had issues with that for a while I don't break out too often just a few hormonal things I've been trying to use different products to try to get rid of that exfoliate like heck but yeah if you guys have any suggestions for that let me know because trying to have something that skin you know I've been doing this recently instead I'm using for a fuse and stuff like that I will actually use like almond extract or peppermint extract which I know sounds weird and it's typically like used in cooking and stuff like that but there really isn't too much in there other than like the actual extract and water for the most

part so I've been doing that and then I just smell like cookies most of the day or sometimes like a little peppermint tea which I personally like it's not everybody's cup of tea but yeah I'm new brush my hair get dressed and I'll be back with you in a minute I'm actually car about to leave to go grab Sully for his walk I just wanted to share with you I am watching watching listening to Josh pecks podcast I've been following him and obviously to vlog squad on YouTube for some time now and I didn't realize how like unfiltered he was during his podcast so I'm actually really enjoying and I just started listening to the first one the first podcast like two days ago and I'm still on the first one cuz it's about an hour and 45 minutes long this is Sally they can Tim boy what are you doing haha he is so excited about this game [Music] [Music] I was gonna do a haul of all of the things but I'm rigged so I'm gonna start preheating the oven cuz I found some goddamn

gluten-free bad damn pizza at Target I usually shop it like all the or Trader Joe's because it's cheaper and treasurer I think as far as like produce and stuff those so I haven't been to Target in a while I'm like in a hot minute so I actually do to use the Daiya cheese and I'm kind of a fan it's hit or miss it just depends on how you use it so I'm actually really excited to try this pizza so we're gonna heat this up I also changed into loungewear because I'm gonna be home for a little bit plot twist I haven't changed nor left the house and it is about three hours later and I don't think I'm leaving or going anywhere so I'm a little nice Easter mr. history graphic but melting them out a little mouse usually helps it out a little longer just so I don't have to keep them as much later on it is getting pretty dark already it's already 3:15 so it'll be dark within the next hour to two hours or so Battle of Chicago during the winter time soon and we'll go more into detail with miss waffles over there she did get a new cage today so I'm going to be setting that up her filter broke on

that and I couldn't find any filter replacement that fit in with that place and that is like that in acrylic instead of glass which I didn't really like when I bought it I thought it was gonna be glass and it's a really cute like size and shape and stuff like that but I really like glass tanks just because they tend to hold up a little better than the matte glass tanks so I picked her up one today and I'll be setting that up [Music] [Music] turned out pretty good I already had one slice and it is absolutely delicious the only thing that I am gonna add is actually nutritional we used to like you saw in that last clip I did end up adding nutritional uses pizza I lost the footage for that and ended up not filming an outro either so nutritional yeast is kind of like a cheese tasting I don't want to say powder but it's very similar texture to Parmesan so you can add it to pizza salad pasta anything that you would typically add cheese to and it tastes pretty good overall I would recommend that pizza it is pretty

pricey but it is gluten-free vegan so I totally understand the price point and it's not bad quality for being a frozen pizza feel free to subscribe if you like this video and hit that notification bell if you want to be notified when I actually post these videos and I will see you guys in probably tomorrow's video bye you