08 November 2018

This Dog Is Trained To Save This Woman's Life..

This Dog Is Trained To Save This Woman's Life.. I show you top 5 videos of disability dogs trained to save people who have seizures. These dogs have been ...


what's up boys and girls Joe here welcome to new video an absolutely amazing video that I think you'll really enjoy so people have seizures they may be given a dog to help him out and these dogs are specifically trained to help people have seizures and when they go onto the floor dogs can help them cushion them and also place him in a better position when having that seizure and they can also apparently detect seizures before it actually happens so there are amazing animals to help people do that which ones we feature next video do these three simple things number one like the video number two comment down hash in notification squad and freakily the bell icon underneath this video so because seizures can happen at any time it is quite danger because they can actually fall and hit their head all this woman's having a seizure if banging her head against the floor and this dog came in cushioned that put its body underneath the head so it doesn't get hit by the floor anymore this is a video of a dog and a woman the woman has a seizure in the supermarket this dog actually senses this and makes sure that the girl gets onto the floor

so in case she drops so if she drops she might hit a head or something like that but his dog stops that by making her go into the floor and getting into a safe position it's really cute and he said that the dog was put into response mode and it just say this is why she'd never pet these sort of dogs in case I actually missed something like this there's an amazing video of a dog that gave its owner 15 minutes warning of the siege of starting the girl actually gets self into a comfortable position and sets up cameras to record it what are you wondering wise dogs and licking her face continue there's actually reason to do this first reason is because they actually helped her gal the seizure quicker apparently and secondly it licks away the excess saliva that the woman produces when she's having this seizure who stops her from getting all this saliva on her face and it really does help her apparently this is a video of a girl who I believe is in a car and she has a seizure and you see I'm moving in her eyes kind of like twitching and stuff like that and this German ship is trained to save this woman and you're probably thinking

Warner this dog doing was actually laying on top of the woman so that she doesn't actually move anymore we're just having this seizures doesn't actually harm myself anymore it's then waiting for her to make anymore movement anything new happens and it will alert anyone else and it's a really great video of a dog protecting this woman so this is a video of a man and a dog that happened to be on the news and they actually saying that these sort of dogs can be both around $20,000 were very expensive dogs but they do do the job and they're really helpful oh this man has something called PTSD PO traffic seizure disorder and he can get any seizures at any time dog helps and notifies the man when he thinks gonna get a seizure so he said that the dog jumped up onto the man basically tells the man to get into a safer position so in case you ever seizure recognizing the seizure was coming on we were just sitting there and he was laying on the floor half asleep and he just jumped up and started jumping all over me now the 12 month old puppy is giving this man a taste of freedom again yeah it's

incredible I don't I don't know I'm in this town's debt for the rest of my life you know it's gonna change my life considering we had already had