04 December 2018

TimeBlazr® Tuesday: Get Ready for the Earth Pig - Monkey, Rooster, Dog

On this TimeBlazr® Tuesday, we wrap it up with Part 4 of my 4-part series on getting ready for the Year of the Pig that begins Feb 3, 2019 with the Monkey, ...


as you can see changes in the air and it's that time of the year where I start looking at how the energies are shifting from one year to the next hi my name is Kathleen Szymanski and I'm a business function master and this is four of the four-part series of covering all of the animals in the zodiac to see how to best prepare for the year of the pig this week I'm going to talk about the monkey the rooster and the dog so what I'm how I'm setting up this series is if you're watching it at near the time of this recording it's the still the you're the dog and you have about three months left and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna talk about each animal and talk about the timing of each animal and how you can best strategize because that's the keys using astrology to strategize to make your best moves is where you're gonna see sizable improvements and that's the importance of using astrology is to really know how to strategize what to do when to do it and how to do it and that's the purpose of this series before we get started though why don't you go download your chart at WWE business astrology comm while you're there download your charts for friends family

colleagues and possibly even those people that you think you don't get along with you know what it's probably not knowing what's going on in their life you might have more compassion and understanding for them so make sure you cover all of those people as well alright now that you have your charts let's get started and we're gonna start with the monkey I think you're gonna be pretty happy this year okay now that you have downloaded your chart your friends church your family charts your colleagues charts and hopefully you have also downloaded charts of people that might be causing you a little bit of an issue because when you understand other people it's a lot easier to communicate with them so understanding having compassion about some of the animals that may not be benefiting them this year get them to my you'll event that will help them as well but let's see what each one of these colors mean your birth is about your social circles it is about your capacity to expand in the marketplace and it's also about your brand and your reputation so that's what the year affects and the month of birth is about

your career your character and how ambitious you are your day of birth is really important because it really is about you that's so that's one that we really want to want to protect and honor the most and then it's also about your relationships and people that are close to you the hour of birth I realized not everyone has that our birth but I encourage you to did a little bit to find your birth certificate called the hospital where records are kept things like that but I understand some of those things do get lost or not available but if you do have it it will tell you about your legacy life purpose if you will your decision-making capacity and investments that you make off of your career ok so let's get started I very happy to talk about the Monkees this year because the Monkees have had not so great of a run the last couple of years it's getting a little bit better last year was a little bit better but in 2019 it's fabulous but the one of the ways that 2019 can be really fabulous is if you heeded my advice at the beginning of the year my annual event when I talked about the monkey having the travel animal now a monkey is considered one of

the travel animals anyway but it had this extra boost from the dog year that encourages the monkeys to travel and especially international travel you could have found a lot of opportunities there now you could have also improved your bottom line by improving a skill or honing a skill and making yourself even better and more of an expert than you already were so if you had done that then 2019 when the earth pig rolls into town it is actually going to be much more beneficial for you because the monkey really does have a fantastic year probably not probably it is really one of the best animals in 2018 and no other animal has this many energies going with them but I'm just going to give you a few highlights of what can be good for 2019 is that there's gonna be a lot of money opportunities business opportunities and even some personal opportunities so there is gonna be some wealth of building options out there so I really want you to look and be discerning about what you choose don't jump at everything but you need to take a little bit of risk this year let's put it that way so do enjoy the year because it is well deserving of the monkeys for

sure now for from the time laser perspective it is the monkey month is the month of August and people that are going to benefit the most as well as the monkeys are gonna be dragons rats and the snakes who is the monkeys best friend the Tigers gonna be a little bit uncomfortable for the Tigers the tires and the monkeys usually fight so it is kind of a combative month for the tiger but you know if you don't have four Tigers in your in your chart there's probably other animals in there that could benefit and you know deeper into the system you're just seeing the month at a glance we'll talk deeper about the time blazer as we look forward and but for now just know that you know the green days are good in the time laser and hopefully you can get some some really wonderful things happening for you alright let's move on to the Roosters now the Roosters Wow they did not have so much going for them in 2018 and it's almost over but you know what I have to say that you know unfortunately you know life is life is messy right it's not you know one big bowl of cherries and we you know have these life lessons unfortunately that we

do need to grow in our life and the Roosters had the opportunity to grow this year so hopefully you know it wasn't a year that you tried to push so hard because you probably got pushed back by the universe it really was a year to be reflective it was a year to kind of figure out what it is that you wanted to do what's important to you and lay some groundwork some years are more about R&D research and development and other years are like go like gangbusters so for the rooster or that portion of your chart year-month-day or our was a was a snapshot in time where it was better to hold back a little bit some of the other animals in your chart may have told you to go forward but it depended on where what showed up in your chart on how you maneuvered around the year now in 2019 even though it has only one positive energy going for it it was a lot better than you had last year so let's be grateful for that first and foremost and but but my my strongest advice for a rooster this year is it's still not a you know let's get up and go and conquer the world kind of year but it is very suitable for

improving your life through some sort of training now you have a whole year and if you're listening to this at the time of the recording you still have a couple of months before that year turns over figure out what it is that you're gonna do right after 2019 even even still in the dog year which is the month of January but because February is the time that we turn over turn over the year but what can you get going now like you know if you're applying for upper education for example you just can't go knock on the door and show up in class and you're gonna get in and to a graduate program it's gonna take some time but there's so many different ways in which you can learn in modern times you can you know research things on the internet there's online courses there's so many options out there you know I have to do is Google any type of interest that you're looking to improve or learn and you will find a three thousand-plus search for just pot just about anything if not more of places that you can go to learn online or in person so don't discount that this is not an important year for you because it is very important as we move forward in the following years you

know your energy is gonna be built and you know some of these other animals that you know have all these great energies well they're gonna be they're gonna you know kind of get less Energy's working for them so these are your build up ears just embrace that and you're gonna do fine in 2019 alright so the rooster has the month of September and it's a great month depending on which pillar and aspect of your life it shows up that but it's great for dragons which is the Roosters best friend and it's also good for snakes and people who have ox in their chart now the rabbits are probably the ones that need to be a little bit cautious of the rooster month because the Western rabbit opposite sides of the zodiac and there's the ones that seem to not get along so well so there might be you know a better month that a rabbit can choose unless you choose a specific day that benefits a rabbit if you're gonna do an important activity and that's what we that's one of the prime reasons we use the time blazer alright moving on to the last animal of the series here is the dog now the dog as you can see had two good at two good

energies working for them and only one in 2019 but again let's see what we have to finish up this year to make it a great year of this dog in a dog year so this year you know I talked about at the my my annual event that this was a year to level up all that you do from the people that you network so you network up the quality of work that you do you just we just really wanted to deliver the utmost and highest value that you could give your client so if you did most like you most likely you're being recognized by the right people and hired by a higher level of clients but if not there's still some work that you can do in these areas so don't waste any more time in these last few months of the dog year you still can go back over your your work you can contact clients you know find ways to get in the bright side of their vision for you like almost they need to wear sunglasses too to be in your presence because you're shining so bright so there are some really good things left for the dog to do now going into 2019 is now it's not gonna be like this great year that you know this big money-making year or you know stuff that's you know

these great clients are gonna be coming your way now I'm not saying that they won't but the best thing that the dog has happening for them is they have this happiness energy that surrounds them so the actually this is this is really kind of a respite year but in a nice way like some of the other animals I talked about like you got a hold back and it's more of a this struggle it's not so much of a struggle for you you just get to enjoy kind of the fruits of your labor kind of thing I'm not saying that like oh we're gonna just take off a year and you know take a sabbatical unless you're fortunate enough to do that but you know even look at the month of October it pretty much happens every year that the month of October is really green that's yeah yeah can go wrong so have you got a dog in your chart that's that's great first and foremost but it's something that I really want you to start thinking about is how can you enjoy life more like what parties you want to go to like you know there's you know and you know any metropolitan area even some of the larger towns they have like this lifestyle section where you see people go into galas and things like

that it's like you know go to some of those things get you know kind of kind of hobnob with some people that can help improve your life and you'll be surprised by just attending some of these events how much you're gonna get noticed how much people want to be around you and so you're gonna be bringing happiness to others as well as you will find this sense of satisfaction so don't discount that it's not a big business positioning that you're gonna have in 2019 because that smile on your face may bring you more than you even expected so there you go alright so um alluded to already the time blazer has great opportunities for you know many who use it but especially those now it's not because you don't if I haven't mentioned one of these animals that it's that it would be good for doesn't mean that you can't use it it's just saying it connects more with people that have one of these animals in their charts so if you have a dog a tiger or horse or rabbit which is the dog's best friend those are the people that are gonna benefit from it the most but it will help other people as well the dragons are you know advised if you're going to

use them the dog month especially in the dog year which is 2018 closing up in a few months but I don't you know a dragon certainly can use a dog month but we just need to go deeper into the system to find a good day in time within so that you still come up on top so there you go there's all 12 of the animals that you missed any of the previous videos to catch up just click on the link below I hope you've missed any of the videos just click on the links below you can catch up on all 12 of the animals and I would love to see you at my annual event at that event we go into all of the 12 animals much more deep than I could in this video series as well as talking about the annual thunk Shui and a real gamechanger is using the function calendar called the time blazer this can trigger energy like you will not believe it is incredible what that can do for you so what I'd like for you to do is share this video comment like it click on that button below there's a little bell there that will notify you of any upcoming videos and until next time I really appreciate your following and

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