22 September 2018

Toca Life World - SHOP! - How To Buy PLAYSETS + NEW PLACES - New App By Toca Boca

Noah Knows All About the Cool Stuff! TOCA LIFE WORLD IS COMING SOON TO THE US, and is already available in some parts of the world! Toca Life: World is ...

do you guys like toca life world well no

I know as you knew what up know squad it's a boy no one knows back at another toca life world video guys toca Boca just released another trailer for the new game throw live world guys guys guys guys we got to stop toca Boca they're posting too much content I can't get these videos out and it just take it's so hard like after this I'm probably gonna have to go edit it and start the upload guys these videos toca Boca is just doing too good right now so here's the here's the trailer right here as you can see it's the one that toca Boca posted right now I don't know if it's unlisted or not but somebody sent me the video and it was unlisted and I don't know if it still is for if by the time I posted this but right now this video isn't up on YouTube it's unlisted what's what's do let's watch this here we go whoa you see that yeah subscribe and get a notification every time we post a new video I am subscribed toca Boca I am subscribed okay let's go back and if you don't know what I do in these toga life world videos is I watch the trailer and then I go back through it and watch it in slow motion and find

all the secrets for you guys let's let's do this so uh the first part we've seen this before we have seen this before as well in the last video if you haven't seen that go click the I it was crazy but we've seen all this there are a few new places over here I don't think we've ever seen that cat place or the little kitchen of these places are cool there's also that that place I've never talked about but it's a new storage area with Billy the cat right there Billy the cat he's a man but yeah then we have this plus locations the busy plies of the omlet islands the okay street with the rabo cafe and what's that next to it right there wait a second that's a building I've never seen tip top tops there we go the tip top tops right there it's the school it's the school it's got the police place which looks like it's updated a little because look how many police cars are in there finally people actually work in there that is pretty crazy then we have the lettuce Islands lettuce lands sorry lettuce lands then we have this grid of characters which we have seen before so if you like I said if you haven't seen

the last video I would go click the I cuz yeah I talked about that but here we go the shop guys this is the main part that I want to talk about here we go hi it looks like you've already owned these apps tap on each one to add to your world so if you already have let's say toke leave pets there it is right there it has the plus sign if you press that plus sign you build it in your world you build that whole little spot in the world then we have the mega pack the mega pack you get everything for toe clip world then we come down and it's the mini little playsets the little playsets that we talked out in the last video the two new ones are the rabo cafe in the design store which are absolutely crazy I never thought who this house sky would who what he was for but he's a mascot for that for the design store of course of course of course little house is the character for the house place of course he is and then we add a little robot from the robot cafe the Robo cafe the phone is ringing the phone is ringing talking about yeah but the rabo cafe the Robo cafe the rabo cafe he's right there and it's a

playset you guys may be like what's a playset a playset is these little parts there one building places that you can unlock you can buy them I think for $1 and then look it goes down and builds one little building the rival cafe is one building that you get as a playset so what in in this trailer video or this secret video I learned that that after it comes out in the u.s. they're gonna be releasing a playset every month so that's crazy and the rabo cafe is a playset it's just like it's just like a one building place that has a bunch of stuff that's what a place it is it's one building that you can put into a life world that's which is pretty cool that they're gonna make them one every month then we have the rabo cafe for real right here we have seen this before in the last video but it's it looks way better this time here we go new exclusive content yes it is the playsets look we got we got all these these robot slushies I I want to eat one right now toca Boca send me one how hard is that send me one send me a robo slushie in the mail I'll make a video about it that would be amazing that would be amazing okay so yeah like

I said we come over it's the robot guy we talk about this in the last video so that said if you haven't seen that go watch it and and and if you haven't seen that then you're not getting notified for my videos and if you're not getting notified for my toca like world videos you better go down there and subscribe and click that bell right now so then you know when the next toca life world video comes out because because you're you're gonna want to know when the next video comes out guys cuz it's probably gonna be amazing just they'd realize something in the corner there's burger man right there and he's eating a burger um that's cannibalism watch what he's doing as it fades away he's slowly eating that burger and he's smiling about it that's that's not good burger man a Zemon in the corner of the picture right there eating the burger or he's kissing the burger I mean maybe it's girl it's his girlfriend we don't know I mean his girlfriend's pretty small it's pretty small burger yeah whoa is that that is that's it that's the design store we never want to see in this fight if I

hadn't gone through it in slow motion that's the design store right there I didn't even see this the first time look look at all the stuff that's that's designing look there's clocks on the wall the yin and yang but there's posters oh oh my gosh there's a Rubik's Cube pillow look at all these pillows I'm crying I'm crying because this oh my gosh no no way my favorite thing from any toca life game was when they had the vending machine in toca life town where if you clicked on it you get a little toy what's in that corner just look I'm not even gonna look it's a vending machine but what comes in it those little characters on that poster come in it little action figures of sloths little slaw action-figures come in those little capsules Thank You toca Boca you heard what I said about loving the sloths and loving the vending machine and you made it again and you made it even better this time I can't believe it but what I was trying to say earlier was that there is a poop lamp right here a poop lamp you may be like what's with the poop lamp well they did a pull and

talk like mix and you know how it took life mix they say they say Knowles and they say that they will put that in the next talk life game they did they listen to us and they made the poop lamp that's pretty cool but that is probably gonna make my day is seeing that right there the the plate the play place seeing that is literally making me cry because that is just too amazing the plane flies by does a little spin amazing plane flyer who is flying that plane and then totally pro comes up and that's it that's it yeah you get the gist that's how they make the world's it's pretty satisfying and I just like it I like the way that it's made I just like I just like this game so much I thought it was gonna be bad I'm sorry till kabocha my cuz we didn't have any answers we didn't know if it was gonna be good or not but I take it all back this is literally probably the biggest thing since the Toba life codes toka city codes so yeah guys if you enjoyed today's tour like world video put some time into this for your like Salerno if you liked it or not also done that subscribe and click that bell right now celina Linux awesome toca life world video comes out also down

there comment what was your favorite parts of today's episode also go to my website Dino knows dot-com which has links to my Instagram Facebook Twitter and my youtube channel of course I will see you guys in the next video give it one more chance give it one