10 August 2015

Tony tells Frank about their new deal with Sosa

Tony informs Frank about the 18 million dollar deal with Sosa. Frank is all but impressed.

you what

you made a deal for a fucking 18 million dollars without even checking with me are you crazy Madonna are you crazy or you're fucked I could lie on my ass at ten five a key is portal you can lose money no way we make 75 million on this deal fine 75 million that is serious morning the fuck is sorcerer going to the wood I don't come up with the first 5 million what's he gonna do is he's gonna send me a big you guys enough fucking hit squad up here that's what this will be awarded relax take it easy I mean tight with sauce you short a couple of MIL I go on the street for you I make a couple of moves I'm real here no they're good I okay you make a moves on your own I got yours Gerald I hear things yeah we do here betcha via the ask brothers what about them what about Casper Gomez why is he gonna do what you start moving mm Keys Casper corners and fuck the fucking Diaz brothers fucking law I bury those cutter works well they ever do for us look fine Dinah's gone we gotta expand the whole operation distribution New York Chicago LA we gotta set a home mark any faucet

we got a thing big now think big like your friend salsa let me tell you something about that greaseball cocksucker he is a snake that's what he is you told me back on him he still Killian you don't trust a head like that you want me to believe Omar was a stoolie because sauce assets of you bought that line maybe I made a mistake sending you down there maybe you and Sosa know something I don't know like what like what you told me like what you calling me a liar right now would you call on me let's just say one things would stay the way they are for now you store your deal with so sad story okay boss I am The Boss trigger boss hey Tony remember I told you when you started the guys will last in this business but the guys will fly straight low-key quiet and the guys who want it all g-got jump a flash they don't last do fresh you