13 January 2019

Too Much Cuteness! || A Bunny Update || Holland Lop Bunnies

Well, it's taken us a while, but here is our bunny update.... Follow us: blog: www.humblelittlehomestead.com Facebook: https://goo.gl/W3iQy5 Twitter: ...


he had that yesterday you know I tried to pluck it but so did mom huge oak you ticketed that of these this reminds me of Maxwell kind of just like the bigness of Amina today we're doing it baby bunny update they're adorable how cute oh he's taking his music okay i bred from Boston and I bred Holly and then they both had their babies I'm December 31st and then that was like the coldest day that we've ever had and so bump Wilson's litter did not make it Holly had a total of four babies there is usually one little peanut peanut that's in the litter and that one usually doesn't make it so she so Holly had a total of three three rabbits a couple days after they were born another one died so I don't know why or how that one died but these these two are doing pretty good there's healthy fat and chubby so keeps twitching is he having a stirry dream or something no he's my chief and there are 11 days old today they are after they were born and we had discovered that bumble stones didn't make it we decided to bring them in and just because we didn't want to risk something happening to him so these guys

have been in ever since then they're exploring for the first time now one has his eyes open he's like twice as big as the other one tickles whoever that one's doing it tickles like the little hipsters don't know now it has its eyes open to know that I really love this one that's got a stripe on his back that is really so pretty I don't want to open their eyes when you pick them up but but when they explore their eyes are open yes immediately curl up and do a little ball I don't Hewitt their ears it just usually just flopped onto the side did that ears are already popping their eyes are open I think this is gonna be like did you pick it up he just immediately curls into a little ball in size clothes does it go into a ball it just lays out flat like that it's probably too fat to roll into a ball probably [Music] I can't your walkin no we're gonna have to see whether they're males or females and go from here on the other we keep them or not Wow horny it's a hazing no one has a little piece of poop stuck on him but it's not it's just on the

side of his leg it's not huh anything probably have to get a little peeper wet paper towel cuz it's stuck pretty good does that one to clean your foot yes this is being a little lazy go ahead it's good much the camera you know if holly has like a baby that looked like her but died I don't cuz usually holly has when that looks about like her this one don't like her it's just sitting there maybe she's just so sleepy that one reminds me of what where is this bugs old Rolie polies let's say you're amazing just keep the camera still don't fall under [Music] recording right now and there's miss Holly she's doing good looks like a little airplane oh my gosh like it look if that one's ears it's like gray and has a black spot I know that's why this is so cute it has a little black spot and it has a little box back there oh oh [Music] though either these sitting you have to clean all of his toes and that to me a little piece do it screams okay to be police now that is all bathes and cleaned he's taking a nap so basically what happened

with bumble sting and why hers didn't make it is she had her babies kind of scattered throughout the cage and didn't really have them in the nest and Holly had done that on her first litter too but it was warmer out when she did it and we were able to grab him up and put him in there actually oh yeah that's right yeah that's right Holly was inside when she had her first litter and hers were scattered all over the cage too and then we had to pick him up and put him in the nest well bumble stood since it was her first litter she did the exact same thing and she didn't really know to put him in the nest I guess and Holly since she was more experienced she actually had hers and she'd had him in the nest so when we found him hers were all nice and toasty warm inside their nest and Bumble stones were just scattered around and they got too cold and they died and that it was really really sad we were really disappointed a range of us at frog this is Kerry making of a frogs like it's they like to it out in there yeah so we're probably gonna wrap up the video for today but we just wanted to show you

the babies and tell you our story on what all happened we're meant to do it a lot sooner than we did but they're just a fact that some things going on but actually we're kind of glad we waited a little bit because now they have fur on them and they're a little bit bigger and cuter and you can actually see what their markings are like so anyway I think we'll go ahead and go for now and we will see you next video like kites Skype mention on the notification fell never missing that blood piece too much cuteness going on there yep