11 January 2019

Top 3 Best Vacuums for Pet Hair Reviews for 2019

Top 3 Best Vacuums for Pet Hair Reviews for 2019...Get Discount From Here... 1. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum:http://geni.us/lDL0 2. Bissell ...

all right so I just got myself the

bissell pet hair eraser the corded one and I thought I'd make a video showing how well it does or doesn't do this is the box that came in so I'm gonna go ahead and unbox it and this is what was in the box you got the vacuum cleaner itself and it looks like it has another attachment so let's test it out because this guy right here hi buddy sheds a lot let's see I don't know hey lighting is poor but I feel look so you let him sleep on the bed and she's there's hair everywhere you shed a lot don't ya yeah you're a good boy all right so I'm gonna plug this in and we'll test it I will see if maybe we can get some of the hair off this comforter cuz it's too big Russ it's there on our washing machine and just don't like dragging it to the laundromat all the time okay so I'm gonna see if I can record with one hand and use the vacuum of the other I mean it's small just a little handheld it's the power button the container holds all the dirt that you can empty all right [Music] all right um that's not bad at all I mean especially because I'm trying to watch what I'm doing through the camera

lens and not doing the best of jobs but it seems to actually be sucking up the fur which is awesome and surprise he's actually around that he seems to be afraid of the big vacuum cleaner anyway um so that's what it looks like on a comforter I see the first traps up in there so I got a huge bed to do so I'm off to do that and just want to give everybody a show of how this product actually works thanks hi my name is Kayla Ravi a product review expert and bargain hunter today I'm going to review a very special product you are looking for I have analyzed all of the features specifications and performance of the product and now I'm going to review the product in detail after watching my review you can decide whether you should choose the product or not cleaning your home can involve tackling many kinds of messes in different places so you want a vacuum built to take on the whole house the Powerglide pet from Bissell is designed with suction channel technology for high powered suction in the areas that matter most power glide pet creates a direct suction path allowing the vacuum to pick up more from edge-to-edge some vacuums only use suction on one

side of the base which can leave dirt behind Powerglide pet has suction channel technology removing dirt and debris across the entire base the nine-times multi-cyclonic technology separates fine particles from larger debris before it enters the filters so more dirt stays in the tank Powerglide pet swivel steering allows for increased maneuverability and easy cleaning around furniture and other obstacles the multi-surface setting lets you easily move from carpet to hard floors with the push of a button so you can continue cleaning with scatter free suction power glide pet may look smaller than the average vacuum however extended reaches no obstacle for this unit connect the extended reach hose and wand for full stair cleaning the multi-level filtration helps to reduce household allergens and features washable filters that are easy to maintain which saves you money after you're done vacuuming Powerglide pets easy empty dirt bin empties with one push of a button allowing for mess free cleaning with all of these features wrapped into one lightweight and powerful vacuum you're ready to remove

more dirt the power glide pet from Bissell [Music] thanks for watching the review as I said at the beginning of the video I'm a bargain hunter and I have found a big discount for you please have a look at the description below and find your special big discount link today you [Music] something a little different today not my usual TV review but this time a robot vacuum I've always been interested in these but thought they're a bit expensive but there are a lot at different price points this is about a hundred and sixty pounds it's the iLife v 3s pro so I thought I'd give it a try and see what it did and more importantly what it didn't do I put on charge about half an hour because I couldn't wait and set this thing going and it seemed to do a sort of a very random job not up-and-down just all over the place it has quite a small dustbin and it picked up a fair amount of stuff some large debris and also quite a lot of fluff to that got caught in the filters this thing has a two-stage filter system and

as well as the installed HEPA filter you get two additional ones inside the box there are some sensors buried under the roller wheel which I couldn't quite work out what they did there are also some things called cliff sensors right next to the big rubber wheels which detect staircases and stop this thing falling down them it's got quite a narrow mouth which means it can't pick up very big things but also because there's no brush bar involved by the mouth it can only pick up things which rotating brushes have swept into its path for myself I'd much rather get one that's slightly more expensive that has a brush bar that's capable of agitating dirt out of the carpets which this one can't do as a result it's quite good for hard floors but doesn't pick up anything on carpet very well so if you've got a house with a lot of hard floors then this is probably good enough until next time thanks for watching you