13 March 2019

Top 5 MUST Know Car Wash Tips For Beginner Detailers! - Chemical Guys

New to detailing? Follow us as we journey through these Top 5 MUST Know tips for maintaining a showroom finish! 1.) Choose Your Soap: With so many ...

- [Nick] What's up bro?

- [Walker Jones] Hey. Good to see you. - Good to see you too, man. Thank you for bringing your car in. - Of course. Ready to get started. - Alright, man. What's up everybody? Welcome back to the Chemical Guys Detail Garage. I'm Nick and this is Walker, the newest face of our Chemical Guys media team. And, just like a lot of you guys, he's new to detailing, he's kind of a novice, so he's brought in his brand new BMW X3 to show you guys how to, one, detail your brand new car, and also how to maintain it without harming the finish. So, as you can see, it's got this beautiful white paint job on there, but, as a lot of people know, especially when you're into detailing, even a brand new car is going to have a lot of contamination, a lot of dirt, even scratches and swirls. So, to really bring out the shine and prevent any kind of further damage, we're going to show you how to properly wash it, giving you our top five tips. So, the top five first tip is going to be picking the right soap. So, let's head into the store and pick out your favorite soap. - Sounds good. (upbeat music) - Wow, we have so many soaps. Any recommendation for what we should use today? - So, since you have a white car, I think what we're going

to use is some Citrus Wash & Gloss. This produces a ton of suds, which is going to help safely carry any kind of abrasive particles off of the surface, while also enhancing a lot of gloss. Since it's a new car, your car has been transported, it's been sitting on the dealership lots where they one, put a protective film over the vehicle, that leaves an adhesive residue, and also, this is going to remove any kind of fallout that was sitting on the surface, but to remove any kind of waxes, any sealants that they may have put on the surface, we're going to also use a little bit of Clean Slate. This is just going to strip away any of the old layers so that we reveal the true finish and also we can put on a new surface to really bring out the shine. The reason why we're going with Citrus Wash & Gloss is because it's a super concentrated soap. As you can see, it has a little separation here, but after shaking up the bottle, this is going to give you that thick layer of suds, but also to help it enhance it's performance in our foam can we're using Clean Slate, which again is going to strip away any old layers of wax and sealant because this car was sitting on the dealership where I'm sure it was detailed at least once and they may have applied a coat of wax for sealant. Well, we're going to remove that so that we can put on our

own waxes, really bring out that shine, but this is also going to help us check our work because there could be scratches and swirls hiding underneath their coatings and want to be sure that we, one, inspect the paint properly, but also is that we're going to get a true bond with our layer of wax. Moving on to pro tip number two, which is going to be the wash process. We're going to grab the products we need so we can give the perfect scratch proof finish. Now, you guys who are watching you can hear it's a little bit noisy in hear, as you mentioned, it's a little popular because we've got customers running around, we've got our crew working in here, and also, it's an active store, so of course, there's going to be some noise, so bear with us. - So, what do we have here? - So, as we mentioned, we're going to be picking our products that we need for our washing process. We're going to be using two buckets and two dirt traps. And what the dirt trap does, is it filters out any of the brisk particles that were collecting on the surface, and it's going to keep it from coming back to the surface, and it's also going to prevent any kind of scratches and swirls. It sits at the bottom of the bucket and also, this is going to kind of help you clean off your wash mitt, which we have here.

This microfiber chenille wash mitt is going to safely remove any particles that are on the surface. It collects it nicely and traps it inside of the noodles so that we're not dragging it across the surface. And again, it's going to prevent any kind of scratches or swirls. Walker Jones - Great. - Now lastly, when you're washing the car, you need to dry it obviously because you don't want to create water spots, so it's best to have a thick towel, a very plush towel, something that's not going to drape and drag water, it's actually going to collect it and it's not going to scratch the surface again. That's why we're going to be using the Wooly Mammoth Towel, which is a very thick towel, collects a lot of water, and it's also very safe for any color paint. Can use it on white colored cars, dark, any kind of color basically, to really bring out that shine. Now, after drying the vehicle, we're going to clay it because, as I mentioned, we're going to be putting on a protective coating and we want to make sure the surface is completely clear of any kind of contaminates or impurities. So that's why we need a clay bar. And on a newer car, you want to use something very fine, like the light clay bar and the Clay Luber, which is going to help lubricate the surface so you're not grinding any of the material into the paint job, creating a kind of marring effect for scratches and swirls. To use a clay bar, all you have to do is simply pull off a

piece, knead it up into a patty that's about the width of three fingers or maybe the palm of your hand, and then gently glide it across the surface, and at first it's going to sound kind of rough, or may drag on the paint, but as you work it back and forth, the putty like material of the clay bar is going to pull the impurities out of the paint and this way, as you work, it's going to feel smoother, it's going to sound slicker and then you're going to move on to a new surface. Frequently kneading up the patty into a new surface so you're not dragging the material all over the vehicle. For our final tip today, we're going to be moving on to the glass. Using Glass Only Glass Cleaner, which is a foaming agent that you spray directly onto the surface. This is going to safely remove any abrasive particles like dirt, bird droppings, or anything else that can scratch the glass. This will safely remove it and it's also safe for tint. So, a lot of guys that have cars that have a purple tint because they're using incorrect glass cleaners. This is safe for any kind of glass and it's also going to remove anything that is on the surface, but a pro tip is to use two towels. Use one towel for interior and one towel for exterior, alternating directions using a crosshatching pattern, this way, you can see where you may have missed a spot and then also prevent any streaks. - Perfect. Thanks for the pro tip.

- No problem, man. So guys, if you like today's video, be sure to give it a thumbs up. Comment down on how Walker did. Give him a little bit of love because this is his first time out here. If you guys want a little bit more about these products, head over to our website, chemicalguys.com, or to your local detail garage to give some product advise. If you guys want to see anything else, be sure to comment down below on things you guys want to see. And as always, we'll see you guys next time right here in the detail garage. (upbeat music)