14 February 2017

Train your own ATTACK dog!!! for beginners

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I got my German Shepherd training here

and now we're gonna show you guys how to do a little bit of bite training a lot of people don't think that their dogs are capable of learning how to bite the right dog you guys can definitely train your dog to bite which all four is any type of territorial aggression or aggression towards others when they get near a vehicle a home a person those are kind of tell Tilton telltale signs that your dog might be able to learn to bite and learn to defend your house or yourself now this isn't a full training but I'm just gonna show you guys a few things you guys can do normally you don't want to do this with two people but for this training purpose I only have myself right now so I'm just going to show you guys some techniques and things that you guys can work on with your dog in order to train them on how to biting and how to defend you so without further ado let's get to it so I want to start out by saying I'm no means an expert in dog training so guys if you guys have any tips for me or advice mm II know in the comments section below we're gonna go ahead and start this I start this out with a regular toy but you can't go

straight to a bite sleep I started this way because I think a dog that's not familiar with a bite sleep this might work a little better for them a regular toy and then you can kind of move in up to the bike sleep so obviously he's done this quite a bit before so he knows what's up but her dog that's new to this you're just gonna tell him to sit if they're married toy driven or interested in the toy that's good so I trained him in German so his bike command is pokken he's not respond to that obviously because he knows this is not a high-stress situation but so how I'm gonna start this as I wait for you tell him to sit that's so I'm gonna tell him to sit and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put the toy in front of him because right now he knows he can't have it but I'm gonna put it in front of him and I'm gonna tell him he's by command and that way when I put him in front of it he knows hearing that word he is allowed to bite down on whatever is in front of him so now I'll show you guys so what that looks like ready live puck go boy good boy good boy and you just want to let him have it

let him run around with a little bit so they get acquainted with that reward system that if they fight on that command that they get the reward the toy or give them some affection or something like that so to move up from this what you're going to do is basically increase the distance between yourself and the dog or the toy and the dog like I said ideally you want two people for this but in a situation where you can only train both of the time with one person this is how I did it and it does work so what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to tell them to stay Platz Platz applied so I'm gonna get him to lay down right there I don't look back up and now if you're just introducing a dog to this you are going to want to take gradual steps live in this in this backing up this distance here but I'm just going to show you guys an example of what I mean he's already ready for this I'm gonna go ahead and back up a little bit and show you guys why looks like that's what that looks like that we further and further up so now we're going to go ahead and I'm gonna put on the bike sleep and we're gonna kind of introduce you guys to that so

this is what a bike sleeve looks like I'm not going to move it around much because I don't want to agitate tryi but this is what it looks like and just as a precaution when you do this you're gonna want to stand with your arm out in front of you live like this so that way they're not getting close to any other appendage and they're just fighting down on the bike sleeve so when you're first introducing a dog into the bike sleep you're gonna want to kind of do the same thing you did with a toy you're gonna want to put it in front of they'll put it close to them if they're not interested you can even play with it a little bit with them to kind of get them interested into the bikes need so they know that they're supposed to bite it they're supposed to you know hold onto it that kind of thing so I'm gonna go ahead and do that with train right now live puck oh boy that's what that looks like and then again you're just going to want to keep pacing back and keep it lengthening that distance between the dog and yourself in order to get him to kind of get used to running towards it and getting down that bike sleeve so as you can see it's

really not as complex as you would think it would be training a dog really anybody can do it you just have to put in the time in the effort it's not that hard it's not that difficult you just have to know how the dog thinks and be able to communicate with the dog in that way so now now that we've shown basically how to train him I'm just going to show you guys a little bit of what he's capable of doing now that we've been working with him for several months [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well guys hope y'all enjoy cuz that's it for today just a quick short video for y'all I hope what kind of concerns some of y'all to train your dogs a self-defense weapon they honestly are fantastic companions but they also make great self-defense tools for your home or for your person also if you guys aren't already make sure you if that's the dry but my next video I'm putting out is actually going to be a magazine at pump-action crossbow so I'm pretty excited about that one so make sure you

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