13 March 2019

Training a Service Dog: Part 16 - Closing Drawers & Cabinets

This video goes through the accelerated steps for teaching a dog the task of closing drawers and cabinet doors. Daisy is not a service dog, but the training is ...


okay this is my daughter Dakota and her Doberman her government dayz and dayz is not a service dog she's just one of our house pets and Dakota's for each dog but she is going to work on the basics of how to close a drawer so today we're going to talk about clicker training or marker training for closing drawers so what we're going to start with is she's gonna have Daisy basically touch her hands now Daisy's learns to follow hands and move around based on where Dakota's hand is so by using hand touching we'll give her she'll understand the idea of what it is we're trying to do today you know cuz otherwise it's she's all over the place go ahead okay so in this case Dakota is using the word yes as a marker and static clicker okay the next step since Daisy already knows this one would be to use the little blue piece of paper that we put on the counter there Gary got a little blue post-it note super simple and this teacher touched yes like that find it and grab it so this is not quite sure what it is we want she's not sure if we want her to take it Daisy's a good fetcher so she's thinking maybe she's supposed to be

melding it which it's okay she'll figure it out we keep it simple one way to keep her from wanting to grab it would be to actually stick the post-it note with me to stick the post-it note on her palm so the Daisy can't really grab it she has to actually touch it with her nose okay now go ahead and put your hand up against one of the cupboards he's not that covered I can't see it good now we'll repeat that a few times all right now go ahead and take the sticky note and just stick it to the counter and put your hand above it all right now start hiding your hand yeah she's excited now start just putting your hand behind your back so she's only touching the post-it note just a little bit okay now start changing it to close it so now we're gonna change no no let's not move anything else it so now we're gonna use change the cue to close it let's set it touch it we're going to close it there you go now switch them around close it touch it now do you close it and wait a sec [Laughter] alright so easy to teach the dog to do all kinds of stuff with just using basic

reward marking the word yes is the reward markers sort of like a clicker would also be a reward marker and of course the food is what the reward is the the idea of using the words and switching them around is that dogs tend to chain thoughts together chain activities so you know just like your dog at home maybe gets very excited just like your dog at home gets very excited when maybe you pick up the keys right well you haven't started the car and you haven't said let's go for a ride but your dog has already learned that the keys means a car is gonna start same thing is if you walk towards where the leashes hang your dog starts to get excited she's like I don't want anything yes anyway your dog will get very excited about being near where the leashes hang because they know that it means going for a walk and they start to back up how many of us had said oh I can't I can't say the word walk in my house because my dog knows exactly what it means well yeah that's because they're smart they start connecting things together so the idea of saying touch it touch it touch it teaching your dog to touch it means

what you know the activity of pushing your note on it and then changing it to close it is basically you're if you're asking the dogs to associate those two words together and then by putting close at first you're having her realize that close it comes before touch it so when you say close it don't think wait a minute that's that's the step right before touch it which is right before yes which is right before the food so she'll between those activities together anyway I hope you learned a little bit about marker training with just a dog that and know anything about posing anything before and that's it we'll talk to you later bye [Music] you