13 March 2019

Training your dog to go to bed | VEEHOO ELEVATED PET BED REVIEW

Howdy! This video is sponsored by VEEHOO who sent us this lovely bed to assemble, try out and review. So far, Phoenix has really enjoyed it and lounges there ...

whoa guys I'm so stoked about my makeup

today I'm filming this during the daytime there's hair in my mouth how is there's always hair in my mouth definitely over here hey friends welcome back so it's no secret that Phoenix is a little bit spoiled and she has a bed in almost every room of the house yet she's still somehow sleeps on the couch but people ask me sometimes like how do you get your dog to sleep on their bed and know that like that's their bed she's used to like very soft cushiony beds that we usually get at Costco and they're huge and they're very heavy but they don't really work for outside and now that we live in California you know she spends a lot more time like hanging out outside especially now during the Southern California winter where it's been a little bit cooler so she has the opportunity to just like lay around outside she's not exactly used to like an elevated bed that you guys have seen maybe on the internet I figured we could try this out and see if she can be trained to sit on that bed as her new bed and if she uses it this video is sponsored by V who they sent us their review who elevated pet bed I don't know if I'm saying that right feet V home

anyway you can find it on Amazon we have a five percent off discount code I'll put it in the description box below full transparency they sent us this bed we're gonna try it out and I'm going to see if I can train Phoenix to use it as a bed I'm super excited about it because we do live in Southern California now so when it starts to get hot I think it might be nice for her to be elevated off the ground gotta get that ventilation going I'm also super excited because I am filming this in the daytime Mike and time they're off doing stuff hanging out so I get to hang out with you find people all right let's go so it was actually pretty easy to put together like it seemed really sturdy and the fabric was like not fabric I'm not ever what what I would call it it just like it's not like a blanket it's more like like a very sturdy tarp so like I wouldn't be worried about like dogs nails like digging into it um or them like eating it or whatever I don't know you know in the comments if like your dog has eaten about like this I would be pretty impressed I think it's a good solution because our dog Falcon used to eat like blankets and towels and beds

and stuff too so this would have worked out for that kind of situation [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so normally when I try to train a dog to go to bed or go to place whatever you want to pick out like what the phrasing is that you want them to learn so we usually use place in our house because like bed for us thing it's like our actual bed we've been using go-to place for Phoenix and it's probably not gonna be that hard to teach her to sleep on this bed or to go on this bed because she has so many beds in the house anyway and they're all called police so she'll get it she also seems to really like it and you guys that have Huskies know that a lot of times you can train them and they'll listen to you while you have treats in your hands but really like the stuff they do is because they just want to do it so it works out that Phoenix likes to sleep in beds so I started with these little training treats they're like zooks training treats we use them for everything from like giving her

pills to like rewarding her I of course have them in the pocket just the lady who always has treats in her pocket and I'm gonna do is I'm gonna ask Phoenix to sit next to the bed so that I have her attention and I'll give her a reward for that and then I tell her to go to place and I'll usually lead her there with the tree then once she gets on there I ask her to sit and then I put her reward on the bed itself so that she associates that reward with being on the bed you may have to do this many many times you may have to only do this a couple times it really depends on your dog when we were training Falken to do this it took so many tries cuz she she would just like sit half of her butt on the bed and I'd be like I don't know do I give you credit for this or not I'm confused I don't know if she really got the point the Phoenix is super great at going to place so it doesn't really take that much to get her to do it and even if I give her a command from like further away and I tell her to go there over time and after a bunch of repetition she'll know like okay that's where they want me to go so it's good to try like different iterations of this I stand by

the bed and I tell her to go to place and that you can get further and further away as your dog gets better and then if they're really really awesome you can tell them from anywhere in the house to go to place and then no one and run and run to their bed and then sit down in anyway for you I tried a couple different scenarios with Phoenix she was super excited to just get treats but there came a point where she was like I am too lazy you for treats and I'm pretty comfortable right now so I'm just gonna sit on this bed she seemed super happy about it it looks very comfortable and very sturdy I even sat in it with her because we have an extra-large bed and I think that's for like dogs that are over a hundred pounds maybe but it'll definitely be able to support them some more stuff about the bed it is elevated off the ground so it should give them a better quality of sleep and be better for their joints so they're not just like on hard ground all the time which is such a reality right now for Phoenix she's like nine years old so she starts to get sore at the end of the day and we have taken her to the vet to see

if something was wrong you know and she seems totally fine to just get tired and very sore so hopefully this helps out with that and the fact that it is elevated off the ground means that it's good for air circulation and something that I was super worried about moving to Southern California was the fact that she might get too hot in the summer so I'm pretty excited about having a bed that is up off the ground so that she can get aired out in all seasons we're gonna keep that bed outside it's machine washable which is definitely a plus but most likely I'll probably be spraying it with the hose and since it is elevated off the ground it should dry pretty quickly and it's also supposed to be like resistant to rust so we'll see I'm gonna keep it outside and I'll you guys know let me know in the comments section below if you guys have gotten the same bed for your dogs and thank you so much to be who for sponsoring this video thank you for sending us this elevated pet bed for us to try out and review it was awesome good luck to all of you guys trying to train your dogs to go to place let me know how that's working out for all of

you and if you have any other tips and tricks I'm always trying to learn new stuff share it in the comment section below and maybe it will help somebody else all in all phoenix seem to really enjoy the bed i'm excited to have it outside so that whenever we're hanging out out there she could just lounge she looks like a queen sitting on that thing if you guys are interested in getting this be who elevated pet bed we do have a 5 percent discount code i will put it in the description box below the code expires at the end of march the last day of March March 31st so make sure you check it out before then and let me know what you guys think thanks for watching make sure you subscribe to my channel I post new things every Wednesday you can tap a little circle with my face and subscribe then go to see my last video here if you want to see my blog channel you can go down and now that we're going to this video it's time for this is a pillow [Music] all right it's been real see you guys next bye