10 May 2011

TransK9 dog cages and dog transit boxes

Attention to detail has been a priority in the design and manufacture of all TransK9's dog cages and dog transit boxes. Drawing on more than 25 years of ...

dogs come in all shapes and sizes so do

our cars and that's when a company like trans canine comes in based in southwest Scotland the company was started by Robert Marshall and his wife Sharon they wanted to design a transit box that would be tough maintenance-free excellent value and built to fit your car even the boys in blue have won the designs been honed over time but most importantly it's all come about from 25 years of experience of running kennels and working with dogs we have a quality product that is designed to last and last and last the Box themselves are made from aluminium so therefore for longevity point of view they will last indefinitely as you know there are 50 year old Land Rovers running around in aluminium and testing we - that is also the aviation use enough industry use nothing but aluminium so it's a good product for us to work with it lasts well it's incredibly durable and it does produce a quality product Roberts invited us to look behind the scenes at his Factory in Scotland where his designs are developed laser-cut painted and finally put together we start really with an initial drawing it's done basically our factory brought

here and the product evolves from here go on to a CAD drawing from the CAD drawing it's taken out to the factory floor and in turn aluminium a sheet of aluminium is then processed into a dog box basically and as you'll see throughout the entire manufacturing process again that quality work is very much emphasized throughout the entire process really culminating in the assembly point over here where final assembly is done and then the boxes of chip from here to our warehousing and storage facility from where they sent out throughout you the UK and Europe and beyond the quality of the trans canine products has won them some impressive endorsements this incredible kennels is owned by the Duke of a clue the caucus Springer's and very special labs a looked after and trained by David licit he's won the odd championship or two and will only move his dogs around the country using a trans canine dog box well me being a joiner everything's got to be efficient user-friendly and easy to clean now we've got our local exhibition back up and it utilizes space and everything else in the Mexico sheep back up we need

to get as many dogs in here but most importantly keep them in a an environment that when we take them to here log in and go train and they're in a condition we are going to this point to training properly and and they're going to go back home safely and no dehydrated because if you've got a big volume the dogs and an enclosed space like that it's very important that they get a free flow here and that comfortable any and near conditions so it's very important for me that the dogs on arrival for training feel up to the job and they don't feel tired or stressed also here today are the two andis both respected gun dog trainers they also use Roberts transit boxes for their dogs well over the years I've tried everything from homemade ones to different different ones from different companies and this one is definitely the best that I've ever had the very very durable you can watch em out rooks travel sick you can hose it all out and it's clean within five minutes and you can leave motes add this one is actually the model that you can leave outside it's weatherproof with the weatherproof front on and keeps the dogs

really clean and drying and happier Andy Cullen is from Leo King gundogs the people comment when they see a box like that they actually do because how it looks you know that I accept beautiful because it doesn't look you know Bobby now I started off with a wooden box he's my team you know and it looks about where that beat enough that I said I'm in that team but obviously that as I see as a year old and it still looks as if it's brand new so I does make an impact yeah back at base Sharon is looking after the phones and the customers she feels that trans k'naan strength is making sure people are satisfied with the product and the service fast delivery and an office open from 8 till 8 all serves to help people with busy modern lifestyles yeah complete total faith in it we've designed them as you've seen we've we've got the manufacturing all sorted and we're completely confident with our product and we've got lots of happy customers lots of people come back to us when they change their cars or they get more dogs or they get less dogs change your circumstances come back to us for other

boxes refer their family and friends so yeah we're really really happy with the product in the warehouse robert is installing the latest transit box many hours of testing designing back of envelope sketches have all gone into creating a product that is very proud of we have we have a product that is right not only for the gundog world when the gundog world is a very important sector of our business but we also supply boxes within the security sector directly to police stock handles and again these are all people are very demanding people and they're using the boxes on a daily basis as well as literally thousands and thousands of domestic dog owners they are durable I've used that word before but they are incredibly durable and are designed to last they also further down the road not only fit the car you've bought the box and originally for they will fit at least four or five other vehicles as hopefully the chances are if you need to change your car in the you're not going to have to change your box if you'd like to contact Sharon and Roberts at Trans canine you can email them at info at trans canine comm or just give them a call on oh one six

double four four six zero two hundred