17 December 2018

Travellers react to new airline rules

Delay compensation isn't the only thing in the new bill of rights aimed at protecting airline passengers. Tina Yazdani speaks with travelers about the new rules ...

we're asking travelers tonight what they

think of the new rules are they enough to relieve some of the stress of traveling and we're breaking it down to the main issues the government is addressing the first being delays something almost every regular traveler will have experienced at some point rough starts of the honeymoon not the best way to start a honeymoon in Bali Malory Yurkovich and Jordan Kolbert were stuck on a tarmac for hours with no end in sight and no clear reason why I'm really frustrated it was really tough and then we actually missed our connecting flight to Bali so we had to stay in Qatar for like eight hours I think and just waded out a story echoed by so many passengers who fly frequently tonight the couple is relieved to hear the government's new rules would at least guarantee food drinks and some compensation to passengers have delayed and canceled flights what is your reaction hearing that the government is cracking down on this I mean the fact that they're doing anything is a nice change so I don't know absolutely when we were waiting a thousand bucks would have been nice it's a food and drink obviously during the holidays

flights can also get really busy and we've heard the stories of passengers being denied boarding because of flights being overbooked the government of canada now also introducing new rules to protect passengers against that this may be the most memorable and shocking example of an overbooking gone bad a man physically dragged off a United Airlines flight in Chicago the incident caught on camera sparking outrage while not everyone's stories are this extreme Canadians are thankful there are now safeguards in place to compensate passengers up to 2400 dollars on overbooked flights I mean I'm being lots of money to like travel and especially as a student like and as an international scene I have to go like back and forth like travel back to Europe and come back to Canada and it's very very like annoying when like you don't get the service that you expect to get when you're paying lots of money and how about this problem everyone's worst fear losing your baggage those precious valuables you hope and pray will make it to your destination and that sinking feeling when you don't see it on the conveyor belt they didn't

say exactly where my bugs have got to be but took about three or four days and sort of like that luckily Oh same with friends friends and family came to temper cells health but not everyone has that luxury lost baggage could not only ruin a trip but also put a dent in a travel budget the government enforcing up to twenty-one hundred dollars in compensation for lost or damaged baggage anyone wants to lose their bags laughing are you stuffing that when you've been going away for like a week or two you pack a lot doing it it was just more of a frustrating situation than anything else yeah all of these new rules are subject to public inputs so if you have any feedback or any concerns that weren't addressed by the government you can make your voice heard up until February 20th 2019 I believe it is the best passenger rights bill in the world but not everyone thinks so tonight not only are advocacy groups sounding the alarm about the federal government's new air passenger Bill of Rights so are some passengers who have been stuck in horrific situations with no one to hold to account for Pamela Machado and nearly 300 others a flight back from Costa Rica

turned into a two-day Odyssey back in 2017 after a headcount issue left them stuck on the tarmac for ten hours Machado says they were offered only snacks and only allowed off the plane after five hours under the new legislation airlines would be forced to provide passengers with food drinks and accommodation when flights are delayed a compensation of up to $1,000 for delays and cancellations within an Airlines control that are not safety related and a requirement that passengers be allowed to leave the plane of a tarmac delay lasts for more than three hours Machado says the rules are vague and there are far too many loopholes we're just gonna start lying to people as to what the reasons for the cancellations are so we sit them in these tight little categories that the minister is still allowing them to justify no compensation the new bill also forcing compensation up to $2,400 for passengers denied boarding because an airline has over booked a flight as well as compensation for lost or damaged baggage there's also a rule that would force Airlines to clarify policies around musical

instruments sitting you spoke with a musician this summer who was almost denied boarding because he didn't check his valuable guitar check excuse me sir you're gonna have to pay for your guitar or we're gonna have to take you off the flight at that moment I'm like why would why would you take her flat understand like you ran to get checked ax can't just go to another desk ask them for a gate check tag put on my guitar and then put my guitar underneath it's in your policy but to get check the guitar I don't I don't know that anybody would expect that to happen the key you don't go out of flight thinking I'm gonna get kicked off my flight nobody thinks that a problem has injures are hoping disappears with this new bill