09 September 2019

Tricking My Dog | Into Eating Vegetables

Tricking My Dog | Into Eating Vegetables This was so Funny! I found a way to get Tonka to eat his veggies.................lol ❤️ ! Thank you SO much for Watching ...

are you hungry

[Music] that's not quite what you're gonna get but this is important vegetables okay that vegetables vegetables are very important no laughs you can't leave you have to eat your vegetables and listen mom's gonna give you some vegetables and once you eat them you can have the meat okay okay deal why don't you eat your vegetables what okay listen you give him a try okay there you go eat your vegetables what are you doing you gotta eat them your vegetables eat them oh there you go oh there you go there you go good job good job oh you like this don't worry what you doing is you want that will that make you eat your vegetables will that make you eat your vegetables okay go back over to your dinner okay take you there you go put your sari back on your plate put your sari back on your plate put it on your plate put your sari on your plate are you going are you going put yourself on your plate here put it right there put it back on your plate there you go okay well that was close okay now [Laughter]

you can't be it's okay I got it you wasn't me listen let's try a little ranch first okay I think okay I think you're gonna like it with the ranch cuz I know you like ranch you like ranch right okay so get your plate and go back over there get your plate thank you take it back over there okay set your plate here set in here put your plate down here thank you okay wait wait go back I'm gonna give you some ranch I'm gonna give you some records listen go back I got kisses oh my goodness okay look come here get your vegetables up Tonka come here bring your plate get your plate over your token what are you doing come on get over here come on there you go good boy thank you okay no okay we'll be right back you can't beat the branch of the way for me to open it I'm good well I'm gonna open it for you okay no Tara wait go over there and sit down no no out of control okay I got the plate okay I got the plate come on no no wait a play no no no don't leave the plate I'm gonna get the ranch I'm gonna open it wait wait okay we're out of

control here go back over here sit down okay wait go vegetables are good for you yeah we're gonna put no I'm gonna open the ranch and I'm gonna put on sir okay let me know wait okay I need to take a break up you're right back okay no wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait here yeah yeah oh okay now listen you eat your vegetables you can't just work the ranch off of them okay guy eat them Brad are you in triage probably with the ranch good job okay try this carrot this might be a little too big make sure you have it completely coated branch off of it okay wait let's try this again okay ready now listen you have to eat it this time okay okay here let's try some celery it's like let me lick the ranch off another there yeah takes I'm sorry okay eat your vegetables okay so now you guys see how to trick your dog into eating their vegetables well licking their vegetables I did manage you're going to eat some broccoli okay let me go get you a piece of meat now since you ate some broccoli and lick the vegetables clean

you ready for the meet huh Rance on it are you ready for the meet do you have that roast beef do you like roast beef how much show me five get me oh okay I need your plate get your plate okay wait a thing okay well okay wait okay wait go back no no no go back no good boy go sit down you set the wrong spot okay there you go [Laughter] here's out you you're so cute yes oh good boy sit down sit down wait sit sit sit okay oops did you like your vegetables are they good oh no did you like the ranch on their installation don't are you