07 November 2018

Trip to MX Walmart while sitting the best dog ever!

I miss Marky so much! She was such a wonderful friend for me for a month. I hope I get to see her again!!! instagram: angela_m_410 angela_m_410@mail.com ...

you know you're a Mexico win you turn

off a light in one room and then it turns on the light and another room gotta love that wiring job you know you're in Mexico when you're hamburger buns don't come pre-sliced really Thursday at two o'clock in the afternoon oh look at all this traffic jeez driving in Mexico I cannot be distracted so I brought my suction cup for my - ban so I'll be using that 3 light let's go I'm lost already so anyway this is the neighborhood it's really pretty and nice and it's pretty safe and there's a dog part down here [Music] [Applause] [Music] and here's the house okay guys I have a very serious question so in all my times in Mexico I've never seen this before so is this a butt gun or is it used like in RVs to clean the toilet out after you're done I haven't been using it as a buck gun I've been using it to clean the toilet so I guess it's for whatever you want to use it has because it's a kind of powerful I wouldn't want that going up my butt but

that's just me but I guess that's kind of the point oh my god well I'm headed to Walmart you guys want to come with me and see what I'm s tomorrow it looks like why not organized chaos awesome they have covered parking as well as in the other grocery store because I got the doggy with me she loves to go out Arkadiy shade roll the windows down for her the shopping they won't be gone long [Music] [Music] [Music] Wow they have like appliances here refrigerators - Dane I'm looking for a mini coffee maker of course they don't have the small ones well it doesn't surprise me that they were out of the little coffee makers because that's the one thing that Americans buy the most here there might be some of the other Walmart in Centro but I really don't want to go there so yeah I have to go to their vet's office and pick up some prescription food for dressy unfortunately they have it here

that's good as I could not bring it in my luggage was just too heavy my luggage was 49 49 pounds [Music] Marky's sit good girl it's a good stuff you want another one can you shake marquis shake you know she's like did you say sit she's so gentle and she takes it out of my hand too she's such a good girl she is okay no more you want to play ball where's the ball marquise do you want this come on let's go play this come play go get the ball go get the ball buddy get my monkey good girl drop it good girl she is so good you ready that was born ready boo Angela wasn't ready drop it good girl oh she's like don't be don't be tricking me oh oh did you get it can you get it need help you know it's kind of prickly back here huh want you to poke your eye out hold on baby hold on no no no I'll get it I want you to hurt yourself did you get it good girl good girl Markie are you going drop the ball monkey

drop it drop it good girl you ready whoa oh man it feels good out here Ricky come on hi okay drop it come here come here drop it good girl move baby you're nothing in there for you you've already been fed turkey I know [Music] [Music] ah nice big desk to work on and yes guys I'm working see swearing working [Music] [Applause] beautiful day though [Music] I remember how I said I like to smell books check this book out [Music] don't know how old it is scared to even open it I'm not seeing a date anywhere but man it smells wonderful [Music] look how cute she is I think I wore her out today it's not even ten o'clock are you sleepy little girl she was so cute we were I was playing such with her earlier and I guess she got tired and she didn't want to play anymore so she

she buried her ball so I couldn't find it it was cute you're so precious I'm really starting to get attached to this dog she is just the sweetest she is so well-behaved she's so smart and she's just a really good companion yes she is [Music]