20 July 2018

Typical weekend dog sitting Vlog

Hello, so I was just recently dog sitting! So in todays vlog you are going to see my clips with my dog. Clips of the two dogs that I am dog sitting. My first day in the ...

does that feel going to do huh does this

look good you look so comfortable look so cozy Jack Jack Jack see Billy what you doing you look telling you the won't be there I am man I got all the ladies know what here comes jealous maybe not peaches is over there she's hiding somewhere there she is hi teaches no we're so cute all right guys so today is day one in the gym [Music] to give you an idea of like what my body looks like Lucy and I are on our way to Starbucks we're gonna get hurt Pacino and I'm just gonna get a green tea with some real plain oatmeal you know I don't want any toppings on it I actually brought my own banana and I'm gonna cut that up and put it in my oatmeal Lucy's over here she's just kind of laying down on my lap Tino petina Starbuck huh usually we're walking inside Starbucks may be so excited you're like I want my Papa Chino Oh Lucy I just went to the gym I can't get up those stairs let's quickly make my exhausting store [Music] I'm gonna pepper Chino but [Music]

it is still missing you so much me you got so much work through on you lucy Nobu so I just bought this little chair thing from Walmart and Lucy absolutely adores it okay maybe I just jinxed myself hi what are you doing me relaxing Jax is just so calm right now I think he's really missing his mama so he's like cuddled up next to me beaches on the other hand she just kind of likes the kitchen floor I think she just gets overheated so she's using the floor to kind of like cool her down just a little bit hot huh are you just a little bit hot yeah she's a little overweight maybe more than a little but you know I'm trying to be nice um but her owners are working on that I've been taking her on a walk but of course she's not my dog and I'm only here for a couple days so not too much I can do but since I am dog sitting her I am taking both of these babies out for walks to make sure that they get their exercise that they need look at this I seriously cannot do anything without this dog like on top of me he's on top of my foot sorry little buddy I'm sorry jack see of course a guy gives

you some love because it just wouldn't be fair he and I are headed or we're on the cover cliffs trail that about to start it we were both kind of bored sitting at home so we decided to come here and hopes that'll give us something to do so we are going to do the red trail one point eight miles and three point six like a whole round trip it's a booty music tryout to be there shark's teeth at the end because it leads to the beach so there we go [Music] so I did not know how much longer Lucy and I are actually gonna be on this trail we're point eight miles and and I can tell she's already getting like really hot and tired and thirsty and just for my dogs sanity you know I think we're just gonna do one mile and turn around [Music] so Lucy and I were gonna turn around so we're not gonna make it to the beach but we'd have to miles and so that's a start it's humid out here so you know she's just having a hard time with the heat so for dinner I made couscous chickpea and brussel sprouts it actually came from a

Palo fresh box so this is how it turned out it looks really good so I'm super excited to try and fix it and only take about a half hour to make maybe about ten minutes of chuffing and so 40 minutes total but yeah I'll let you guys know how it tastes what are you doing you look so happy are you happy