10 July 2017

Umbra, Plains of Eidolon and Wedding Proposal Fail - Warframe TennoCon 2017 Recap N Review

Ahoy thar, Legion! TennoCon 2017 is a wrap, but was it a snap? Umbra finally CONFIRMED and a massive reveal with the Plains of Eidolon and spear fishing!

Ahoy thar, Legion!

It's the Monday after a Devstream and ya know I gotta recap n review for ya! But this wasn't just any Devstream, but the long hyped TennoCon 2017! Lemme just tell ya straight away: Legion, you can breathe a sigh of relief and rest yer pitchforkin' arms for another day. The single most disappointing thing said wasn't even something that came out of DE's mouth, but a guy proposing to his girlfriend on stage. More on that in a minute. Let's get the easy stuff out of the way first: Umbra's coming. Surprise, surprise. It's only been teased for goin' on three years but he was finally shown officially and will be the focus the next cinematic quest. They curiously did not put a timeframe on WHEN it will appear unlike the biggest surprise of the stream, so I'm not sure if we'll see him this year or not, but unlike previous delays, alll the other stuff they got planned should keep us happily distracted until he does! The flesh farmers of Ostron got a bustlin' trade village setup with access to companion pet dna, paper mache masks of various warframes, supposedly decorative rugs for your liset, but the first big surprise of the evening was a crafting station where you can make a melee weapon of your own design from scratch. Pick a blade, the type of hilt, some sort of decoration thing, and mix and match parts until you find a weapon class you want and like what you see. Craft it up, drop a name on the sucker, and yer good to go! Geoff later said they are aiming to toss in about six new Polearm stances into the game with this update as well! The next surprise was there will be missions available from the townsfolk you can pick up to help the colony out in one way or another. This of course lead up to the biggest reveal of the night: FISHING!

But not just any fishing, the manliest fishing of them all! SPEAR FISHING! Just pop open yer equipment dial and stab away for new crafting components, in this case you can make skin stew with it. This one addition alone floored me but... I mean... you *could* get excited about the level you can fish on. They are only working on the one, but it's kinda big, I guess. They said it takes up something like nine.... square kilometers. Enemies roam about and you can parkour around freely in any direction and shoot whatever ya like. Clear out enemy bases and outposts, see them drop ship in reinforcements, fly around and shoot stuff from your ArchWing, watch the day night cycle naturally on it's own with no load screens, though stuff gets a bit crazy at night and this little guy wakes up for folks looking for a challenge. Did I mention this was all part of the relay? Because, unless I'm thinking about this all wrong, since it's part of a relay and everything is streamed to you... and if you saw how many players can exist in a single shard of a relay, player caps might be a wee bit higher than four. And I think that night fight will be balanced towards that. Oop, clarification: according to Steve it'll be capped at four at release, but open up to more later on. I highly recommend watching DE's unveiling of the event as there's a bunch of details stillshots can't convey, I'll put a link to it in the description. It's seventeen minutes long, I already gave ya the details but to see it in action and hopefully what it will look like in our hands... assuming that they get it workin' like I think

they can in my head, it'll be quite a different experience than we are used to and I'm looking forward to it. ...Still gonna avoid the Archwing portion, but I gotta give credit where it's due. Round of applause to ye, DE! Scott said they intended to make Operators super Emo and snotty on purpose, [laughing] and boy howdy did they over succeed there! But now they are aiming to mature them up into warriors. Shifting far away from their current state, they'll have armor you can equip, focus power-fueled ranged weapons you can craft just like the melee weapons on Ostron, have separate energy pools PER ability instead of just one that is shared, and they would even like to make them combo with warframes better mid battle like a tag team. It was suggested only Operators can enter the plains once night falls, meaning these guys are gonna have to be tough enough to take down that fleshy titan, so fingers crossed there. Next Prime outta the gates is gonna be Hydroid! And they didn't make him ugly! So consider that another nerf to Oberon Prime as a by product. FemRhino is actually Glass Frame, focusing on shape shifting and melting while wieldin' a glass hammer. Impact and slashing, I wonder? New wave of TennoGen is comin' up, first time Equinox is gettin' some love so Mend n' Maim fans, rejoice! Mag's Deluxe skin got delayed due to TennoCon and this new content, but she's still in the works. But, if they aren't gonna nerf Mag, then we all know who else is on the menu... And this time I can't even blame DE! Do you remember a few years back when the Cubs were doin' great and got really far into the season until a fan got in the way and pretty much killed the momentum, the fans turned on him instantly and he never, ever lived it down? Allow me to set the stage:

Question and Answer time, a guy is called up and in a visibly overly nervous way mentions how many people are in front of him and how many thousands more are watching at home before awkwardly pausing for far too long. Before he can ask the obvious, his girlfriend is on to the situation and thus is verklempt off camera. He drops to one knee, making a fairly well known faux pax as she pretty much HAS to say yes in front of all the people, which again he just called attention to twice. She agrees to the commitment and cheers are had. She comes up stage, they share an embrace, clearly the lady is overcome with happiness, and the guy loudly says he's happy the ring fits because he got it at the last second. Which is an odd way to word it, for sure and very romantic in front of everyone, but so wrapped up in the situation with the love of his life, the guy turns, walks away from her and shakes hands with everyone on stage before go back to his wife-to-be... and going on a several minute spiel about how salty he is that Trinity is a support character and how she doesn't NEED a nerf... but he just really, really wants her to have one because in his opinion she's too easy to play. Again, this went on for several *painfully* cringey minutes in what I can only describe as an angrily awkward slow motion train derailment that just refused to die. The phrase "quit while you're ahead" was sceamin' through the room [metaphorically] In conclusion: Legion, I know you're a very decent folk and you'd never, ever be "That Guy" But just to reiterate: Never be "That Guy." Maybe he forgot his daily dosage or caregiver for got to lock him in, I don't know. But to make matters even funnier! This was immediately followed up with another player asking if warframe will ever get Mac support... which went over just about as well as Mr. Trinity Nerf did. Steve fielded the question well, saying they might just be able to do so, before calling macs overpriced aluminum which got Reb upset but the crowd back into higher While he is a Mac fan himself and Reb got a little ticked off,

it got the crowd back into higher spirits and forgetting about the shenanigans of the past few minutes. The Plains of Eidolon look great and are apparently the first of many of these huge areas we can explore. I have many questions and concerns involving them, but I'll leave that for another time and let DE have this moment. What do YOU think of TennoCon 2017? Diggin' the news or wish they expanded on something else? Leave us a comment below and we'll get right back to ya! I'm gonna go edit this together and hopefully on time! Until then, thank-you for watchin' and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!