21 December 2017

Unboxing a HUGE haul of Walking Liberties Half Dollars at an Amazing Price!

Unboxing a HUGE haul of Walking Liberties Half Dollars at an Amazing Price!


everyone all right well for those of you who've watched my channel for a while you guys know that I really like the arm walking liberties they're actually my favorite 50 cent piece which is good for fractional silver well I was buying these up back when you could get your eBay bucks as far as your gift cards with eBay bucks and all that and I was doing you know getting a lot of this stuff nice and cheap actually like under spot or whatnot and but after eBay changed their rules on the gift cards and stuff where it no longer works for bullion on things like that I I kind of stopped buying these because the premiums were just too high for me as far as not be able to find a good price compared to other half dollars and it was hard for me to justify the price difference when I could get half dollars you know the Benjamin Franklin's or the candies for much less well at max came out with a sale a Christmas sale not too long ago and for a dollar over spot which would mean basically each row only had about seven dollars worth of premium in him because each one has about seven point I think one five or seven point two ounces so they were selling them at

Walking Liberty rolls at only seven dollars over spot for the whole thing which is a dollar an ounce over spot so I definitely take advantage of it and you guys see here I had 22 more roles to fill up so I want to put a dent in that and let's take a look and see what I got for Matt mix BAM and there we go guys there we go I bought all 22 rolls that I needed at a dollar over spa.i for walking liberty in average circulated condition how can I not how could I not it was the perfect opportunity I've been waiting I've really wanted to get that filled up just like I want to get the Mercury dime one filled up so hopefully they come up with a sail on those two I have another box that has Mercury dime so 220 dollars of walking liberties I have to go through some of them look a little rough but they are average they do from here they look like they're average circulation but I definitely want to check them out so give me well give me a long time but it'll be instant for you guys what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take all these all of the roles since I need I want to put them in you know these plastic ones to put in my box

anyways so give me some time and I'm gonna take all these out see what I got see if I got any key dates I'm gonna sort them all and let's see how good at mix did for me as far as what kind of rolls I got I'll be right back guys all right guys all done wow that actually took a lot of time so yeah the results are I have them lined up for a year it's 1947 surprised I had so few of that one 1946 1945 and these are rolls so I got two full rolls of those got 44 43 where I had the most of looks like four full rolls 42 41 40 39 38 so on and so forth very little in the 20s it's a 1934 29 28 1928 and then 1920 and then here are the ones in the teens 1919 1918 got see some of those in the 1917 got a decent amount of those but yeah these are actually pretty slick out there's actually there's one I could not I could not get the the date on at all so there's one I was completely uh flicked out these other ones and the teens are pretty slick tout as well but mostly mostly overall good guy most of them are in the fourth the low 40s so that's good I ain't find any gems or no key dates

listen right here is probably the nicest condition one of all of them it's a 1944 still nothing spectacular or whatnot but you know the condition is pretty decent on it so overall average circulate like I said you know as advertised 22 22 rolls I went through now I got to get them all put together in and put in the Box in I will go ahead and do that now and I'll just give you guys a quick quick view of what it looks like in this box windfall for those you who want to see it I'll be right back all right guys as promised here we go all 28 rolls of walking liberties they're looking beautiful man that has a pretty sight really happy I got the softbox filled up for those of you wondering this is about two hundred and two ounces of silver filled like this each one of these is just over each half dollars just over a third of an ounce of silver so very very cool like I said another another objective down that I wanted to do and so yeah all right guys I should have another video for you guys soon please like comment and subscribe