24 October 2018

Uni, occupational health and the doggo | mhrambles

hi it was um I put film with you on my

to-do list just because I thought I should dog she doesn't jump over but I just thought I'd talk back and what's new you in terms of that like I'm still waiting for patient health clearance for you me and it's just taking forever but I don't think there's anything wrong so she should be fine I'm seeing my doctor on the sec then I was saying occupational health doctor on the 40 it will be done by January by my placement stars I have been seeing my therapist weekly not today with no last Wednesday I saw her Sunday because my guinea timetabling things doesn't really accommodate I mean other than that I was seeing my dietician on Fridays and so I didn't see her last week it was her birthday but I'm seeing her this week so yeah that's going I cried in the dietitian and therapy session I have cried I haven't cried in either at all that was a big thing Hoos are pretty you're pretty but um yeah so that's happening I got my nose pierced I don't know yeah I'm which I like tomorrow I'm getting my hair dyed pink it looks really shiny but also there must be other thing we have mentoring at uni and please don't

step right in front of it and yesterday I went to see her and she's like you look so thank you I just got him and I rested and I've been doing a lot of like spiritual still healing and just making sure that I light my candles at night and have time to like chill I've been reading up on BPD is quite famous it's called I hate you don't leave me so I'm reading that slowly I'm getting through it but I only do a lot better day because I can't read very long hampster cool breezy I might get her out but obviously someone would try and eat her so that's not else I've been working a lot I've got lots of shifts on one of my favorite boards so that's good and I'm working on the ice rink again this winter which is good but I was putting in my availability yesterday and because of my other job I've just booked laser shares under Christmas I can argue that cool no there's like God and I can work like after I've done early shifts and things but yeah I'm actually really busy especially with you me when we're doing pharmacology and physiology PMP it's like five days a week so I did know I was full on but I

didn't put together good I've just been like accepting how I am and trying to be like who I just not how I want to be just accepting Who I am and what I like and things like that so trying to distance myself from how I think other people think of me so I've been like wearing my starkly dr. Martens and lots of things like that and there is currently a big traffic jam but yeah I've just been trying to distance myself which has been going relatively well like people are like oh like you're doing so well in you're just so confident and I'm like how little do we know that was really hard so I hope that tails between my legs also I spoke at university yesterday we are doing it like a group activity and why do you do please don't bark there's no need don't bark and we are doing a group activity and like it was where do you stand do you agree disagree or in the middle don't know kind of neutral and the so many people were strongly opinionated and I was in the middle for like everything and the people like don't you have opinions and like no I have

opinions for there in the middle there middle ground and I like to think that they are balanced from both sides and I can see both sides and that's why my opinions in the ring in the middle so no I'm not like an opinionated I'm just opinionated in secret so I do yeah and it seemed to be a slightly politically orientated so I'm not particularly political press and if anything I guess I'm slightly liberal but a little family of cacti from Ikea [Music] moving house hopefully in December so new background rather than this dodgy windowsill I can treat myself and get a like from starting this drunk I've got a bit Medina which is not in our proposal again which i think is doing good my needs be much better I mean I've been Spacey but my mood has been up like my thoughts they haven't changed but my mood has lived and so it's a good thing so yeah that's that I lifted you up so she can see oh right ready ready ready say bye look at you you she's a big girl oh she's the best thing don't I love you you're pretty so yeah last night um I try and film a video in like two weeks

I wish I could film them frequently if I just don't know what to say if anyone has any like suggestions and things they'd like to talk about like message me or just even because I don't have enough ideas I'm very uncool yeah I will see you when I see you what can we take I'll see you when I see you thank you