25 August 2018

UPDATES IN FLORIDA! | Pet Loss, New Pets, & Shop Updates!

UPDATES IN FLORIDA! | Pet Loss, New Pets, & Shop Updates! Hi, I'm Curtis and I have some pets that I make videos on.. Follow us on our journey of ...

hey everyone it's me Curtis and first

off I'm sorry - sound flute weird I am in somewhere very very different films today as you guys can tell and that is because I am actually currently in Florida as I'm filming this so like I said the walls are probably gonna be like at going a lot because the ceilings are so high I just wanted to put up the video because I feel like I haven't really adjusted a couple things with you guys and I also feel like I'm filmed in weeks because I just I had one day or like a couple days i pre filmed so much and I just have been editing editing editing so I really wanted to just sit down and give you guys some quick [Music] like I said I'm on vacation on we landed in Florida you're gonna make some there's women buy updates actually he just jumped on the bed everybody this is my dog Mason here's a coton de Tulear gotta be Jean for everyone who over these comments asked him what he is if you decide to take him on vacation with us this year this is the first time that we had bought him on vacation with us so it's pretty exciting he seems like he enjoys it

yeah we just didn't want him a pet sitter and also he gets really really sad when he's not near us so we just decided to bring him on like I said he seems like he's enjoying it the next step thing is that I posted about this on Twitter Instagram and actually the YouTube community section here on my channel but a few of you guys actually majority you guys I'm pretty sure still don't know that Jasper did unfortunately passed away last month now to answer some frequently asked questions I'm not sure exactly how he passed away I found him peacefully passed it would look like there was nothing wrong with him the only thing I can say is that he may have had like an underlying illness or he just must have had bad genetics because unfortunately since the images are bright so prolifically and obviously are a big part of the pet trade they aren't bred without care oftentimes just because you can get so many of them at once and unfortunately that means that a lot of times your genetics aren't always the best I'm assuming that is the case with Jasper because like I said he was showing no signs of illness or anything like that and just over a month I had

him all I know is that he did pass away another frequently asked question some people found out about that is when will I be or will I be getting another temperature of course I won't be getting another hipster I'm him since our big part of my life and obviously I'm a big place here on my youtube channel you guys really really love my hipster videos so of course wouldn't be any more hipster another hamster in the future but people were asking when and how soon and because he passed away I think I like the end of July or around that time or about a month before I went on vacation I didn't feel it was the right time to go out and get a new hamster just before I can really bond if they get to know it and then leave it for a couple weeks while on vacation I did feel like that would have been very irresponsible of me to do so I decided to put the hamster gettin off for about a month and a half to two months or whatever or however long it really naturally takes but I was telling people that I will be getting a hipster ID at the end of August or early September it just depends when I find a hamster I'm still now I'm going to get one right

before I go on vacation to have my pet sitter watch them and you know just not tell them what's expected things like that so for being responsible I decided not to do the hamsters but I'm gonna be getting another hipster for all of these that are asking so I'm just gonna talk about my shop for a little bit I did add a couple new listings I haven't really made an update about them recently here on the other hand my shop and students very well I appreciate all of you guys getting your orders in I send out my vote is very very fast and I have added a few new listings to my shop recently I had any dog toy which is not that recent but I don't think God will know about that I'm working on some more dog products that I won't really speak about right now but I also discontinued the peanut butter puffs in place of the equation critter cookies just because I could not offer more flavors and also I didn't wasn't really a big fan of the recipe that I created from the crunchy before the peanut butter puffs so I decided to now just in their place start stop keep my clenchy critical eating when free of flavors they are available

in spinach whose blueberry and strawberry lyrics take four dogs hamsters mice really anything that's very minimal ingredients but yeah I just wanted to kind of get it here and talk with my shop because I feel like I have only spoke about a bit and I added Lizardman Nana's which are really fun people ask me a lot of times about how to get those where did I get them from my making myself and now I had stuff in my shop I have a few different patterns so if you guys are interested in any of that the links to Mike chocolates always in the description of my video I think that's all I wanted to talk about for now and just kind of get on here and feel like I'm talking to you guys again I'm gonna try to this video as soon as possible because I have some videos that are already filmed and I just been editing editing and then I have some that are in the Creator studio that I'm just waiting to get up to you guys breathily I'm in flow sluggish reassembling I'm sorry I did a little break slide to prepare for vacation and August was just a really busy time so I'm back now guys yeah I hope you guys enjoyed my content in today's video and

if you did don't forget to subscribe and you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram which would just act puts the same just like question your name but that's it for today's video I hope you guys really enjoyed today's video and I will see you all [Music]