08 November 2017

Using SafeCalm Training Collar for Insecure Dogs - Dog Whisperer BIG CHUCK MCBRIDE

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I'm Sharla and I'm taking my new dog or go for a walk he's walking all over the place he won't stay with the pack here he's doing his own thing and that paying attention to what we want him to do is our girl a little insecure also very insecure okay so we should know when he walks we're probably gonna see a lot of movement left or right okay and as you know the safe common collar is also good for other behavioral issues other than walking so we're gonna see if we got to get a two-for-one today okay and Dan here is gonna help us with the walk with his two dogs yeah I've got Lucy and truhair we're gonna go for a walk dan now what do you do for a living I'm a pet sitter and a dog walker my website is Bloomfield pet sitter calm and the name of my business is positive pet sitter I'm in Bloomfield and in Franklin and what's your telephone number it's two one five four five nine zero one four two that's my cell phone so let's give it a shot and see if the safecom caller can make everybody's day happy do it so this is going to be the before take okay so I'm noticing the left and right movement of the head

that's insecurity keep doing over there [Music] [Music] a lot of people will say that that head movement that's left or right is uh you know hunting traits but in this case it looks like it's in security well we already know we're dealing with insecurity okay so the dog is walking pretty good it's just that he's really not centered in on a good walk and he's kind of all over the place okay we got enough guys what we're gonna do now is we're going to try to safecom collar and see how the dog walks okay all right great I can't wait much better move them away from you I didn't hear any sound or I didn't see any correction when you move them away Beach there we go [Music] okay guys we tried the safecom collar how did you like it wonderful perfect there's like different dog worked out quite well would you guys recommend the safecom collar to others [Music] you [Music]