04 December 2018



all right today's topic is on van life

and pet ownership and a lot of us have those furry loved ones now realizing it's not just a life change for us going from a home to a van but it's also a life change for your loved one and what that said that's what we want to bring to your attention today something that you might not have thought about but something that you need to think about before getting into your rig now one thing we want to bring to your attention is this routine of your loved one now being in a small vehicle in our case will be a Class B we have to make sure is our little puppy gonna be okay while we're at work or for the time that we are away and in our case she will be she is kennel trained she actually stays in a kennel while we're at work we go out periodically we let her out and we'll be able to do more so once she is in the Class B van but right now we have other people in our home and they let her out during the day another thing to think about is the exercise of your little loved furry one and for us she loves the run she loves the walk so for us we currently have a back yard that she can run around in or we can take her somewhere periodically but being in a

Class B van we're gonna have to do that daily she needs to stretch her legs daily she needs to run daily and that's okay because we're looking to be outdoors more often we'll be parking in certain places and we'll be utilizing that park more often now this brings us to this very point establishing new routines not only for yourself but for your loved one as well that's something you can start doing now you don't do it once you get into your rig why because you want that transition to be a stressful free as possible not only for yourself but for your little loved one as well now making all these transitions doesn't have to be stressful again it's all about perception it's all about how you approach these things if you can approach all these things a little bit at time a little here a little there it's not so stressful think about it this way you're gonna be able to do a lot more things that you didn't normally do and if you're getting into a rig then you're probably thinking you know what I want to get out and do more so guess what you get to go out and do more so to sum it all up again it's a life change it's about establishing new routines

it's about making this transition stressful free as much as possible it's about getting your little animal ready for the transition you want your little loved one to be happy just as you want to be happy right well today we have something a little bit special for you a little outing that we did at the Cumberland River also known as Riverside here in Clarksville Tennessee and we're going to try to showcase the little walk that we took with lady B because when lady B wants to go for a walk lady B wants to go for a walk and what lady B wants lady be get so without further ado in three two [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music]

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