03 November 2019

Veken Pet Fountain 84oz/2.5L Automatic Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser with 3 Replacement Fi

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are new here support us by subscribing today we will be reviewing the beckon pet fountain 84 oz - 5 litres automatic cat water fountain doc water dispenser with three replacement filters one silicone mat for cats dogs multiple pets once there she'll hang her paw down over the Daisy and sometimes that at the water probably to cool her paw she has been dragging her tail through it but of course that cools her off - all of these types of fountains are electric which is a severe drawback and thunderstorm prone areas this is mainly intended to animate one of our cats to drink plenty of water due to a severe urethra issues strange as it seems that encouraged her to go over to it put a paw in to test the water and then drink shanell was one of those naughty cats who moved her bull around the floor splashing it over the edges the fountain makes literally no noise at all and works with or without the flower attachment it holds a good amount of water and the cord that plugs in is pretty long it was almost impossible to get the pink bacteria out of the threats of the flower it comes apart easily for cleaning although like everything else

it's got some tough to clean nooks and crannies they are no longer poking around the toilet and our boy seems happier than ever and washed it up several times including before first setup so any new smell should be long gone one would drink from the toilet if she could reach it she is not particular about anything if you don't want to buy it you can read it for free online add forgotten books it's a hard thing to face that you have been conned all your life but once you accept it and move on it becomes easier every day mind you water out of the birdbath on the deck has the best flavor of all apparently dot when it does make some noise it's a signal that the water is running low and you need to add water cleaning the walls of the reservoir and the water pump to eliminate the build-up of mold is a breeze the biggest downside is that the filters for this fountain are going to be a recurring cost but that's a small price to pay for the convenience and benefit they provide basically it means you have to unplug it carry the whole fountain with a plug to the sink and clean it

like that in the end this square fountain turned out to be the right size to jam in a corner so she couldn't knock it over it's very quiet most of the time but occasionally chugs away for a bit before settling back down one of our cats is a little strange she's obsessed with water particularly running streams of it she loves drinking from it and sometimes letting one stream pour on the side of her face while she drinks from another stream our other cat who's not water obsessed and does her best to stay away from getting wet rather than sticking her head under running faucets for fun doesn't care for it if your cat likes drinking from the faucet judging by our experience he'll love this it's easy to take apart and clean the filter wash is pretty clean and you get a replacement our cat loves to drink from sinks and running water so this was a great product to satisfy her desire for a moving water source the price is great and it has a smaller footprint so fits better in our tiny kitchen cleaning the drink well was the chore and water would slosh all over the place before you

could get it into the sink in our case what our cat loved about the old drink well was that the water fell from above his head and he would laugh directly from the stream but this is not a huge issue and the cat doesn't seem to miss that feature much it has a quiet mode a more splashy mode if you twist the knob and a bubbly mode if you take off the top of the flower if your kitty suffers like mine or you want your pet to have good quality water this is for you this one is absolutely perfect the flower attachment is the perfect amount of water for them to both drink from its silent unless it needs more water or the filter needs to be changed honestly a big dog could probably gulp down all the water in 13 days depending on how much water it drinks at full tilt they loved it they loved it so much the Matt that comes with it isn't big enough to contain the fun and when he gets bored he plays in the water with his mighty paw and watches his peasant clean up after him thank you for watching do not forget to subscribe and leave your comments below