30 June 2016

Veterinarian Review On Unleashed Potential Dog Training VS "Positive Only"

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hey it's Duke Ferguson owner CEO and

master trainer of unleash potential canine and creator of dog training Genesis see what this veterinarian has to say about our dog training services after she was told to put her dog to sleep when prozac and a muzzle and the positive only training failed to produce the results she needed hi my name is Kobe vandergiesen this is Harley I'm a vet student from ABC and I'll graduate tomorrow Carly is about 6 or 7 years old I got from the Humane Society so it's kind of a guest and he had been previously owned and I didn't know anybody thing about his history but he entered the board and train program after I hadn't for about a year and had some problems with okay so before um Harley entered the program he had pretty well every problem I could think of with regard to his behavior um he was aggressive about everything he was aggressive about toys he was aggressive about food he was aggressive about my own belongings he was aggressive that is crate crate he would bite me he was always really really nervous and really anxious so I wasn't sure I was history and I still don't

really know what happened to him but he was always really really nervous around people me talking to him and any sort of a stern voice trying to discipline me really couldn't handle it and any direct confrontation he really get aggressive um I really huge it was obviously strained with him at that point I mean for the entire year because I worked on him so hard and tried everything and it was tough to take him anywhere I had trouble when I would go away to board him with somebody because I would be nervous about what he would do and I couldn't trust him with people all right so some of the things I tried we tried the basic obedience obviously we tried I spoke to an animal behaviorist I got as far as trying prozac - just in case he did have a mood disorder at some point and then the final thing that was recommended to me was that if the prozac didn't make a difference that I would have to put over sleep and that I had actually been recommended to me months four months before the training even had entered my mind and prozac was just kind of a last resort at that point before I even became aware of the training

okay so after training after Harley did the board and train I had been away and I left him the entire time it came back to see an entirely new dog who was also the first thing I noted was just externally he was a lot happier he was a lot calmer the look on his face wasn't so anxious and then just seeing him listed like he listened to Duke he listened to me like he listens to my roommate now and he can come to the park with me and I don't have to worry about him being aggressive towards other people if they come to ask me if they can pet him I can say yes I can take him a to play with other dogs his life is better because I can take him places now my life is better just I couldn't take it plate doesn't not worry about him trying to attack somebody or me not being able to handle him in public he comes everywhere with me now because he can't and cuz he's perfect what's the biggest change in noticing him probably his attitude he's happy he's not stressed out doing nothing like he would sit in my house and just be stressed out the entire time nothing was going on but he would worry about guarding something and now he just relaxes at home and if I

say something he gets all happy about going somewhere I put definitely attitude what did you like the most about the train here who took I'm he's really easy to talk to I called him whenever I wanted I was away and so I got frequent updates on him if I had questions after the after the fact after the training if I had questions I could get in touch with him whenever the group sessions were fantastic even I could make some of them Harley loves him so obviously he didn't have a bad experience with them and so everything went more than I expected it was so much better did you get the results you were looking for I got the results I was looking for I would recommend Kings kind of canine to absolutely anybody who has a dog with any sort of issues because it changes their whole outlook and I think on their life because it's it doesn't change their behavior in a bad way at all it makes them so easy it makes them happy to be controlled it makes your relationship a million times better and it's a great training method from everything that I've used on

Islay this has been the only thing that's worked and has definitely given the best results with absolutely no real glitches that has come across it most of all he is happy with it are you dealing with dog problems maybe aggression on a dog that runs away but won't calm those in leash or just won't plain listen have you been told by another trainer or another professional behaviorist that your dog is untrainable or should be put to sleep if so contact an unleash potential trainer today and get another opinion my trainers deal with problem dogs every single day dogs that have been deemed untrainable or set for euthanasia for some strange reason so there is still hope and if there's no trainer and you can't find a trainer in your area then be sure to check out my dog training Genesis online video program it's step by step it's very in-depth and it will help you out it's helping hundreds of people out worldwide just like you so for your convenience I'm going to leave the links to everything I spoke about below in the description box now it's just that much more easy for you to get success and get closer to your goals thank you for

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