10 September 2019

vlog #2 | Is a dog the right pet for you????

just my thoughts on if your ready for a dog in life or not.

alright what's up YouTube half-man

half-zombie report live in the flesh and today our second vlog and we're gonna talk about is a dog the right pet for you now first things first having a dog is literally like having a kid they can't talk so you have to know what your dog wants or be able to at least freeze your dog the neck that comes with spending time with your dog bolla people seeing lola and they just get dog syndrome or dog something and they think having a dog is so easy but it's really not oh you so nasty having a dog is so complicated and then depending on what kind of dog you get it to get even more complicated he's got a pretty pitbull like minds but everyone's scared of her there's a complication right there in itself so another thing a dog is only as smart as its owner smart owner ding smart dog stupid owner dumb owner and stupid dog dumb dog you will not I mean I'm not gonna say you won't but the likelihood is slim you see a stupid or a dumb owner and then have a smart dog the likelihood of that so slim so slim so slim yeah so with that being said you need to figure out what kind of dog do you actually want because a dog is literally like

kind of a spitting image of a person you know I'm saying you see Lola she's energetic she likes to do crazy stuff like me boom that's my dog you could tell that from a mile away you see those celebrities online and stuff with their little fancy designer dogs and they don't like to do anything but be pretty and clean and that's look at their dog dog spitting image of them try and tell you what I know when you actually do get a dog you need to figure out what I do you want a Great Dane because that dog is huge and then on top of that where you think it's gonna lay down and go and sleep is you're gonna sleep and in your bed you're gonna sleep in its own bed it's gonna sleep on the couch the porch are you gonna travel all the time you travel all the time then you may want like it like a chihuahua or one of those little French bulldogs a little designer dogs you can put him in your bag or her in your bag and y'all just piss off and go wherever y'all want so that's another thing to take into consideration when I'm choosing a dog but then you may not even use it right kind of you may not have the right personality for dog maybe

some people some people personality is like a cat or you know or a snake or a rabbit or iguana there's like all kinds of pets you can give but there ain't no point in getting a pet if you're not gonna like love the pet and do things with it so that being said if you're if you get a cat that would be cool cuz you don't really have to do too much for the cat or if you get a snake you don't have to really like love and care for the snake you just drop a rat in the or a mouse and the and the tank and that's the end of it okay okay well I think I'm gonna hold my snake today it's not like you hold this I mean you hold the snake but it's not like you pet and cuddle and all this other stuff with the snake the snake don't know what's going on but Hays for some people that's that's a better choice of pet for you because it doesn't require lots of you know time and energy when I first got Lola I've had Lola since she was like five weeks old like four and a half weeks old and then at the time I got lucky because the semester had just ended and I was in a relationship at times and my ex-girlfriend when they least sit in the

house and take Lola out and just give her so much love and care and I showed her so many likes tricks and stuff that when she was younger that she still knows today they say you can't treat your teat up old dog new tricks I teach all the new stuff all the time it's just that when they're younger their brains just accept things easier when they get older their brain doesn't want to because this is why they've been doing this their whole life like if your dogs be using the bathroom in the house since it was little that's what's gonna keep doing because that's what it knows it's like hard to break that but it can be done but I'm saying like things that a dog learns when it's younger things is gonna keep and I not forget so having to do that all over again and try to teach the dog like something new when it's older it's doable it's just your dog has to want to do it on top of that like whole Chihuahua weird little dogs like that they don't want um they just want to lay around and drink water and stuff they don't want to do crazy tricks and stuff like that some dogs just weren't meant to do that but then there's some

dogs that can do that and those are the the gems the diamonds in the rough that you got looking at found just like I got lucky and found Lola so you know I'm saying it's still doable for any dog to do anything really so I'm getting off topic yeah there's a dog the right pet you so let's think about this the time how much time do you have on your hands do you have someone else to help you with the dog what else do do you have the financial stability for a dog cuz the dog can get expensive especially if your dog is sick that's all you have to keep take care of your dog and both food and water and rice and eggs like you got to keep your dog in good shape or else your dog get sick and you have to go take them to the vet and the vet is not cheap and let me tell you the vet is not cheap you go in the vet and spend a thousand bucks in a blink of an eye and come back and have to go back again next week and you'll be wondering where all your money is going it's going to your damn dog because you didn't take care of your dog when it was little so now you know messed up both your lives yeah so what financial you gotta

have time and you gotta be understanding too because of dog dogs dogs mess up just like humans do but it takes someone to fix the dog and put them on track pretty much ain't that right low so I'm gonna do some more videos I got I got a whole bunch of stuff I'm gonna roll out I'm just trying to be patient with it but um yeah so that was that was vlog 2 I think I um I think I pretty much had everything I wanted to say and if I didn't I'll I'll talk about it in the third vlog oh uh all right let me stop man half-man half-zombie report live in the flesh man I'm out the graveyard shift approaching