08 January 2019

Vlog 78 | Dog Walks

what's up guys I'm about to take my

puppy dog for a walk and to get some pictures outside and just start my day like that actually I've been up for a really long time like since 3:00 a.m. I like made some fried chicken damn this lighting is poppin outside I can't wait to go out um outside today because this is how I'm starting my new year is one of the first things that I'm gonna be doing in the morning time or whenever I wake up it's going on nicely hopefully accompanied by a doggie which should be hard [Music] [Applause] actually wear a long sleeve shirt but I actually did change my outfit still keep but I think maybe I'll do my Instagram pictures in this shirt and not my other one I don't know I don't know I really like this one because it has purple in it take my dog Heidi for a walk right now and she's sitting there very patiently while I have comes down to spread for not allowing you to freaking what does it use your internet service wire on the phone I think that's completely dangerous and yeah just weird [Music]

happens to be like the most annoying dog do you guys remember this dog in my last vlog or one of my ride logs when he was following my car well now he's literally chased us all the way down the road he's crazy so guard now on it's not even nice the dog chases people down and then literally like my horses might freak out I don't know it's really dangerous letting your dogs come out on the street and barking at people so guys check out these people they're literally like doing this whole Orange girl thing over here I just think this is so cool literally picking oranges over here it looks like a lot of freaking work though but look that all these trees are completely like empty these ones have oranges you can zoom in yeah those ones have oranges and these would install next to this orange grove is pretty cool there's like certain times of the year it actually smells so like citrusy outside it smells so freaking good and sometimes they drop oranges I've never actually picked up any or stolen it but I might be up for it this year [Music] after my little walk I just want to sit

on the couch and relax but have so much to do but I did just want to tell you guys that walking unit this morning was definitely one of the things that I added to my list of ways to be extremely ecstatic all the time my hair looks so really bad but I thought it was kind of cute I know I might redo my hair but anyways um walking is definitely on my list of things to do to live and keep living a happy life enjoy being freakin ecstatic all the time because I think it's the time to just reflect and think next time I think I want to go like barefoot but obviously I'll have to walk in the grass because I don't want my feet getting all crusted but anyways I just have like a lot to do today to let the day begin but this dress that kind of ruined on goodbye we started like messy we ketchup I put ketchup in there I could swear that you put ketchup on my dress but this is a very expensive car pleasure dress that I got from Vegas so I always keep up with these dresses make sure that I get up dry clean so I'm here at my local dry cleaner to major brush today hi pretty well

I'm gonna give this dress clean please yeah that was great you can help me hey when do you want to get up it's not rush no rush you'll call me Tuesday density okay many people coming in citrus rush give me that's good okay how's this one oh okay thank you have a great one so I told YouTube that you got ketchup on my dress I told YouTube you got ketchup on my dress you even told me you put ketchup on my chest that's how come there's ketchup there's ketchup on the inside on knowing ain't no blow it so I'm here to get to my little one a little haircut they're so curly I don't really show him on YouTube but his hair is so like curly in law right now it needs to be sure so we're here at this salon that we've never been to you have only sorry to tell you but you only have three minutes in the game stop that is like torture if somebody told me you had three minutes to go by makeup I'll be so like well we don't need to go then much traffic around here look at all these semi trucks a Frank I need to move to an island that has shopping

malls grocery stores restaurants and everything but no people and no traffic wait checking the price of this stuff first I want some more controllers the controllers are cool to me Oh Tamagotchi oh my god Tamagotchi is here I literally was like I wanted Tamagotchi I look down and I see a Tamagotchi oh my god what color should I get what color should I get Brian can you pick this up which one should I get I don't like this one which one should I get I don't like pink I think I'm gonna get this Chinese looking one Ryan this is like so 90 I literally thought he was for real he is not even for real [Music]