19 November 2017


I had a very random week, so I thought I'd take you along for the chilled bits. This is a very chilled day to day kind of vlog. So if ya wanna join me on a few ...


so I've just been to the gym it's freezing it's well untruly winter and yeah I'm going away with my mum tonight so I'm gonna tell you more about that when I'm actually dressed wants makeup on so I don't look so horrendous and I will be taking you along with me just got ready it's been a long time since breakfast and the gym earlier and I'm going off with my mother to stay overnight just for fun somewhere near bath and yeah we're staying tonight having dinner and then coming back tomorrow because I think she got some kind of deal I will ask her where she got that from but yeah we're just doing the fun and so I'm dressed I've no makeup which I'm quite liking today time for wheelies come Boris good boys it's time for we up come on get up come on come on good boy there you go no no wheelies good boy no no no good boy they've got to go and do a wee because we are about to leave [Music] so we are on our way to guys dyers house hotel in caution which is near bath because I've talked about this before steroid face let's look out of it you're there as my

son says you look more like Thomas the Tank Engine than moon face it's a thing called steroid moon face because I'm on steroids so I get this round flat face we are going to this hotel just for the evening to stay the night and have dinner and relax because my mother works very hard it's not only that it's very cheap I was very cheap yes I was trying to remember sales is that what's called c-notes no secret escapes secret escapes you went on a holiday turned a holiday to Marrakech on that you can get lots of different deals for all around the world I think is that right yeah this is not sponsored by that plane they've got ice trays dross I can remember there's two or three rosettes so I'm looking forward to that I don't even know what that means the same as a mission and so what is it from you jacket because it's taken me an hour to fix it back on again was so annoying tiny tank and why would you want to take a third color off a coat you wouldn't wear it in spring ride in our little bedroom this is our little beds very cute that's nice and this is my new hat and I feel like

my kid wait a minute oh and mother's got a hat come on Ted Baker hat matching boots these are the favorite over knee boots outfit I'm wearing my last Euler twisty top which I put my lazuli haul anything like this very affordable at my new Fendi hat and my new mango leather look on red trousers and doesn't show off their flattering but I feel like I like them I like them very mad and my ebony boots which I've ordered another pair of because I feel like I see a little scruffy okay so the most expensive part of my outfit my glorious face is this hat Ted because typically throw them away where is that actually new plastic mm-hmm she likes leather not throw dirt it was quite nice very nice-nice yeah I don't know if these not too satisfying but they're okay they're Lego next leggings and obviously the same and I say that I've ordered a second pair just getting ready to listen to my boyfriend who is Alex Lynn the racing driver and he's gonna be on simon Mayo's Drive time in probably like five minutes but the thing is where we race because we are that trick that's what gives us the opportunity to go to the heart of

these cities that's what gives us the opportunity Formula One couldn't do that because of the noise and also because of the the emissions as well so it is the next day I didn't sleep very well because somebody was snoring not me I don't snore good this snow off her she's almost like a little piglet so I didn't sleep at all but now we just we're just having a little wand around the ground which is very nice we can through that having a wander around it's a really nice building and six acres I think she said oh my gosh my feet getting wet this thing it's not that cold so today and and yes we're talking a little wander around all of the ground which is nice let me show you yeah I know my my Oh TK's they would look nice in the summer in nicer [Music] so we have just got home and sitting on the floor to take off my boots we just got home I'm feeling really tired now like out of breath tired although last time I was in my vlog I was tired too I'm just a bad sleeper this time I'm um was genuinely snoring and that distracted me from sleeping because like every time I try to get to sleep was I

thought and I'm Joel - wait so if anyone has any tips for getting to sleep let me know I've always been a bad sleeper and I usually sleep badly the first night somewhere new so that's what's really knowing going away for one night today I think I'm going to unpack the stuff that I took away with me and then repack because I'm going to London tomorrow and going around some houses with my boyfriend because as I said in my last vlog we are looking for somewhere to live in London and we haven't yet found anywhere and then I'm going to a restaurant opening with my dad and my sister and her boyfriend which would be nice and Saturday I was supposed to be going to winter wonderland which I was looking forward to having been to went a lot Wonderland for ages and I'm not a huge Christmas fan but I feel like winter wonderland is really fun and it makes you feel Christmassy and it's really cute anyway my boyfriend was like let's go to winter wonderland so I was in 20 wonderland the idea we're gonna do that on Saturday and that was gonna be a nice little trip out and he called me up the day and he was like I've got a surprise for you so I was

surprised he's like it's on Saturday I was like I thought were going to win - one time he's I've got something better cuz I always it and he said we're going to watch rugby and I was like I don't care being serious it wasn't joking this being serious he's got tickets for us to see England vs. Australia which for most people be incredible I actually hate rugby I don't mean like competition it's gonna be cold so I was like is he is he joking was he mean six he's big serious so we're going to see the rope you on Saturday instead of winter wonderland I'm gonna you know channel my inner english spirit and chief England and watch my first rugby match and I'll have to learn how rugby works worst I'm there too because I don't know either yeah today I'm just gonna package up some stuff I bought from a soft and mango a while ago and yeah I always make big purchases when I order online because first of all you get like free delivery when you order like a big bunch second of all why not just try not to stuff on your ordering anyway you can just send it back something you don't like that you may see stuff I do like so

I'll show you it but it's just like I don't have the money to keep buying all that stuff so I just buy the bits they like they keep one or two from the shop that I did like I've kept these trousers I'm wearing like red leather look trousers a couple of skirts don't fit so they'll go back but there's a common stuff that I do like but just has to go back because this girl don't have unlimited funds to keep spending on like mango sauce and so yeah I'll show you the stuff that I bought and the something's gonna go back just brought you over here this is like my second wardrobe which you would have seen in my room tour this is like coats and long maxi dresses but I always end up putting stuff I bought that isn't like a little pile over here this is like my Asus star mango stuff in here let's start with mango I'll show you the stuff I bought the stuff that I probably sending back so first of all is this little gym top I want to just try out that gym kicks and over half and it feels amazing is just like a grey stretchy top like spaghetti straps and a nice back detail this is a size small and let me show you it's just like that's too massive

it's basically talk to your body and I just found that all of their size they were just much bigger than they then they should be I don't think I was pretty excited about is this kind of leather no leather like shiny vinyl skirt with this frill detail and a zip at the front again way too big so that has to go back like that looks big doesn't it and it's a size small so that lets go back again another skirt which I thought would have been nice but really way too big for me that has to go back and then I bought this massive kind of puffy black coat but I ended up getting that pink one I got from a sauce and I thought you know I don't need to fluffy coats let me try it on how to show you this little tiny mirror so you can't get too good of a view of it focus yeah I mean it's just nothing that special I prefer my pink one and it's a bit longer this world it's a bit much the trousers that I'm gonna keep from manga brought them in this shop I made I might keep this top hat which we got a mango because I'm going to Hong Kong I don't know what don't know what the language that's in but I feel like it's like asian-inspired so I'm going to Hong

Kong and I'm hoping to go to Disneyworld whilst I'm there I just thought this could be really cute basically all of that's gonna go back apart from the trousers and potentially that top so I'll just put that all away [Music] done then from a soft it is an order of stuff I might want to take to Hong Kong and these are things I'm not going to keep so I want a little like oriental style like kimono restored rest this one is just too big but it's really cool bring out some pink and velvet this is gorgeous it fits me so nicely everywhere else apart from it's just way too tight around the ribcage and then it's really loose on the boobage and I tried to buy another swimsuit like the one that I wore when I was in Portofino everyone really liked it this one's like a high leg kind of stretchy sort of material I just think they're really flattering a nice like high leg kind of thing but I don't like the bum area it's a bit too covering I want a bit more a cheeky bottom and then I bought you sort of body tops there's this lacy one and I just feel like no it didn't like it mark this bodysuit which is really cool but

it's so much effort that I already know like I'm not going to bother wearing it so you put it on like this and these bits wrap around your arm so you have like floaty bits coming off your arms which is cool but it just felt like I can't give you a look dude without much effort I don't know if I'm gonna keep my keep it's just quite expensive and I kept quite a few things in this order I might keep it I'm going to keep it out try it on again skirt which I'm not sure whether to keep or not like a kind of pleated skirt cuz I bought one from misguided and it those pleats didn't stay but this one just looks a little bit cheaper so I don't think I'm gonna keep that one so I'm gonna package all this up and put it in my bag [Music] done can't tell if I want this or not I really like the top detail but I just don't know if it's flattering in general I might do a little Instagram poll and see what people say and now in London at my dad's and we went to that restaurant opening last night and now I'm just waiting for my dad to get out the house so we could go for a walk and we've got some chores to do like go to the Apple

store and fixing a phone for my brother and for any things like that but it's really cold I'm wearing like a turtleneck my big coat from fat-faced which I actually love I worked with fat face last year and yeah I didn't know that they had such cute like warm wintery stuff so it's changed my opinions on fat face loads so when they asked if I wanted to work with them I was so up for it because I really enjoyed finding brands that you don't know you're gonna like and then you find some really good pieces so I found like four turtleneck jumpers this code some loungewear which is also my favorite loungewear I'll leave this on my blog post down below from last year if you wanna have a look but yeah they might not have the stuff talk anymore but this is like my favorite coat for winter now so yeah I'm just gonna wait for my dad to get out the house [Music] look what we found look at the one the stack is all the holder so all the others are females apart from him they'll have different ages so we are in Richmond Park we were at the Apple Store for circa two hours

we didn't wait for two hours or two hours trying to get a phone fixed for my brother but no such luck so now we are wandering round Richmond Park in the brisk air but it's nice and sunny and there's nice colors what's this little area what's that blue selfie so we're now home but I've been cleaning my makeup brushes and like my Beauty Blender and I want to know what people's best methods of cleaning Beauty blenders are so I usually like rub my Beauty Blender up against like a bar of soap and then like squeeze it out and now I've tried like washing with shampoo now it feels like full of stuff but it's never fully clean that really annoys me I've tried my absolute hardest and they're never like fully clean wanna have any tips let me know how a pretty boring day I feel like this vlog has been pretty random I'm gonna put you there for a second yeah so I feel like this vlog has been pretty random I've like sort of chopped and changed from where I am and also sort of been recovering from feeling a bit ill so I've been a little bit quieter than her huge so I apologize if this has been a rather boring vlog but I feel like I

want to keep up blogging because you should get more used to it and you bring the camera along more often and I'm still not quite there where I like to work it out any time but you know I'm learning and I want to take you guys away to Hong Kong at the end of this months I just practicing you can make hammer I suppose I've got a kind of a new camera I'm just waiting for Alex my boyfriend who's supposed to be coming back tonight because we're seeing the rugby as I mentioned earlier on this block tomorrow and yet so at the end of the day now and I pretty much spend the whole day in the Apple store trying to fix my brother's phone and that didn't work and also it was like it's basically at my mom's old phone and she was gonna give it to my brother but it fully doesn't work so I had to turn to my mum pretend to be Debs and do like her iPad passwords and you know all that stuff but didn't work in the end whose phone is ringing oh is that my phone hello we were just walking into another we're just walking into the rugby now gray and rainy [Music] [Applause]