21 January 2018

Vlog- DOG SITTING!!! (Full room analysis)

ah reum mom mom what is that what is

that what is Bentley hi hi Bentley watch on the flash laughs hi mm-hmm my dog sitting you here I'll sit on dog hey guys what's up its UI this is the vlog and today as you can tell and kind of have a cough so I'm dog sitting Bentley Bentley Hey yeah that will 18 pounds of love so this is basically about telling you about that thing and then a room analysis finally here after that feels thing that no one really cared for anyways it's my room messy but we got um the Beatles poster which literally if you look on here is all the Beatles stuff everything on and then this is what you guys have been seeing the posters the John Lennon wine and then I like this port on board Star Wars and then Pink Floyd and the who up there and it's gonna it room changes keyboard is over here I think it's been there for a while guitar always is like all around my room Nintendo stuff yeah I got a Nintendo switch and that's actually pretty cool a Nintendo please sponsor me I might make a video about this like a separate video but a guy also uh Super Mario disty with it we just said regular wear it is a

Bentley hey how you doing um so then this is the desk and I'll just set my phone down right here guys can see me you think oh how the cameras pointed towards it's all my stuff um it's not praying to towards where I think it would be whoa motion sickness okay well I think that that might be it I know this is all short of a video but Bentley Bentley Bentley Bentley [Music] Bentley Bentley Bentley I want to see how you relax to my car [Music] okay so I don't really care either anyways guys uh oh you guys enjoyed the video I'm gonna go sip on my Frappuccino new videos coming out as always and I will see guys in the next one which should be coming out very soon man it's getting dark a little bit but yeah okay I'll see you guys later bye [Music] that was a horrible idea