03 June 2015

VLOG || I guess I'll walk the dog!

what are peoples it is tuesday and i am

up and edit although slightly tired it's 816 in the morning husband was snoring last night can't sleep but I am up an edit I'm about to go for a walk see my nose is running and stuff this is crazy I see crazy but my husband and I is that Oh scare me it's scary going up in our laundry room cuz it is not of Lord organized okay I'm looking for a dog leash it take one of my baby dogs walk but anyone my husband we were sitting down talking like last week and he was talking about my hyperglycemia and how I don't be havin my food under control so the deal was that I cannot exercise in this summer and that I have to go a hundred percent strict on my diet come on T the dogs don't like my baby dogs they like who you said on our neighborhood feel like jumping in it right now it's hot out here about to dig into some food I even portioned out my arm coffee-mate date yeah and put it into this app the my time fee for gonna name that my fitness pal yeah so it says that I have to eat less than 1,400 calories if I want to lose uh two pounds a week oh my gosh y'all I am so hungry I'm like on a scavenger hunt in my own house I

didn't put some ground beef some garlic pasta and some string beans in a Tupperware container and I'm going to go to town and it just is what it is I don't know why we're not going to food in the house see my husband I'm waiting for my food to get done in this microwave my husband is on this since I had my surgery I lost 10 pounds so i need to get strong again so he's eating like eggs and eggs in eggs but it's like 10 cartons of eggs in the refrigerator but there's nothing else to eat and i'm about to die