14 March 2019

VLOG, work, lip piercing back possibly, new pet, mental health

yeah it's round number nine blogs it's

Tuesday March 12th it's been in fact it feels like it's been three weeks or two weeks but I know it's only been maybe a week to have six days and I apologize my life's been nuts still yeah I've been hanging out with some people not a lot of people and I've been trying to focus on myself mentally and I'm not sure if you guys noticed but I then again doesn't mean you guys that really pay attention but I've been talking less and hanging out but a lot less with lightning go and I'm not gonna get into why let's just say you know we're just giving each other space I'll just put it that way because I want I draw my fully tumuli down a free blog channel is what I want yeah so I've been just trying to you know focus on my own things my relationship I've been you know tackling my own stuff it's been hectic but I'll get through it I'll be okay and later on you guys might see something a little bit different in my live video today you most likely will let's just say we have a little surprise visitor that's gonna be coming sometime this afternoon you guys will find out pretty quick yeah though it's it's been a trying to keep up with everything life recently and I'm

not sure you guys see anything a little bit different you guys might have already figured out what the surprise is well maybe you haven't I don't know I've still been working and still doing therapy hanging out with some not a lot of people honestly and I've honestly not been filming very much one cuz I'm in pieces trying to take breaks to try and you know take care of myself and also because it's just literally just so busy that I haven't made my own kind of time to really film a lot because I've been all over the place yeah yeah though I have some dog food puppy food and this bag that I'm gonna be getting rid of hopefully sometime this week we don't need it we don't have either but we are gonna have a pic coming coming in here soon though within a few hours again I'm not gonna say what kind you'll find out though guys I'm gonna be heading out here at around 11:30 I'm gonna go pick up something that's gonna be quite an adjustment again and I'm just gonna know everything is gonna go really well with it luckily you know it's not so much work like dogs and I'm probably probably

already giving away what it really is that I'm gonna go pick up I think you guys may already have an idea probably go and make myself something to eat for lunch cuz it's gonna take me a good few hours to get back home okay see I'm not gonna say the bus name but I will say that there's just some busses that just couldn't run better more often I'm not saying they're slow they just their schedule is not very good oh man when I also get home I have some laundry to still catch up on and I've lunch to make for tomorrow because I do work tomorrow again and make sure things are all set for new thing come in here today it's gonna be interesting mm-hmm yeah oh yeah guys I gotta update you on something else hey guys so you remember when I had a lip piercing I used to do videos you know at least every maybe a few weeks or less I did all sorts of different kind of videos relating to the lip piercing I used to have on my first channel well guess what the other day when I went to meeting for my job I asked them about the rules specifically for that stuff

and they said that as long as you know the piercing place the jewelry that they put in is not noticeable so at the good luck with this cos piercing places are gonna probably say oh we can't do that because you're gonna go through the healings and smelling stuff all over again because that was my main concern about it otherwise I go that's fine I just won't wear it at work Lance though boy he'll die I can't talk straight recently and let's just put it simply that I did email the piercing place that I did get it done that one time and I was half expecting half expecting to hear something I didn't want here but honestly I was very surprised on the email I got back they work around your job or when you go to school and some schools don't allow that at school well guess what they have those um how'd they stay in the email it was some kind of I just caught like a mole jewelry but I am NOT that doesn't sound right here I'm gonna actually look cuz it's on my email okay I'm looking at my email right now and it was actually freckle tops I would think you guys would know what those are I at first was going what are those so I looked it up on images and now I know

what they are they look like moles or basically jewelry that with your skin and is it noticeable and okay so I could tell you but they send the email it's good so I do have freckle tops a lot of clients use when they have to be discreet about their piercings my only concern is that with an initial piercing we do start you out with the longer backing for the jewelry to accommodate for spalling and that part I already I was in charge and I heard that because I remember the beginning of when I had the lip piercing this piece is going to cause to jewelry to stick out a bit oil piercings I don't get why they put that in because I'm not getting an oil when I'm I'd want to get a lip piercing and usually we can downside that longer backing for a shorter better fitting one in a few weeks once the swelling goes down I would suggest to come swing by the shop when you have a free afternoon to take a look at the freckle tops and talk with us in person about the process itself and see what would be the best route for you to take in order for a happy healthy piercing and so your work does it mind I hope this helps please reach out if you have

any further questions time this week I'm gonna have to wind up going in person to the place which is you know it's fine I can work around it they're just gonna help me to work around the big concern of when I'm gonna have to be able to swelling all over again and the healing process because honestly guys I just want them to be able to figure out jewelry that will work with the healing part and the swelling part of it and make sure at the same time my jobs ok with it at work for me no I'm honestly gonna say I am NOT going to get the piercing right away I'm probably gonna at least see about doing it late next summer to fall because one I'd have to put money aside to there's too much going on in my life right now to even focus on it right now and three I don't know how my body would react to it right now from you know anxiety otherwise you know I would put the money aside and go get it done within a month or two but honestly I'm just I'm just gonna do the wait game right now now I will go in person to see what they can work around to give me tips good advice whenever I'm ready to go and

to get it repierced I'm just not gonna get repairs to like you know within a few weeks two months