11 September 2019

Vlog ~service dog~


yeah I got you on film freaking run away from me like that Oh plus she looks way closer than she actually is they can realize it's hard to explain but yeah I'm like not even inches away hey come here don't you be a naughty naughty and make me go all the way out there yeah this is our summer house so we're like doing remodeling oh and it's like hot place for deer like some deer will lay right here next he's being a butthole I mean like put pebbles down I was thinking I could put a waterfall there but probably not late and that's the old school over there that is old room all new stuff we did a lot of work here it's not completely done but I have a couple of things there's a pear tree that I love right there it just doesn't make the juiciest of pears there's a lot of wildlife out here too sometimes they'll be like mice sorry there's a moth I just almost stepped on see like there's acres and acres out here I think we could have a horse way out here but probably disturb all the deer like all this 2.2 they're all the way down there this was all tall grass with ticks in it my grandpa mowed it down

and he likes um I didn't pest control them as you can see it's acres and acres all the deer live up there this is all ours way over there - way over there which is more land in Dixie's just having our sweet sweet time wherever she wants to go and that's a road right there but it doesn't look like a lot but I'm telling you right now it's a lot of acres so all the way does this all the way down all the way over there which is more woods and all this and all back there is more acres it's a lot and I try and make this decent YouTube videos but this is one YouTube video where Dixie's not working she's just being a bubble Michigan there are let's focus camera well I don't know if you can see it but that my friends is a Petoskey stone of michigan let's see there's one right here it's kind of like yellow dotted and Dixie come here stop going place you're not sure I can't speak today but I don't know where it went I don't want to like dig too much because there's probably crickets all over in here but yeah it's just cool rock everything like that and I did cover this for Caterpillar Sliven but I'm pretty sure they're all dead let me

check nope they're all gone or dead maybe they dig more fun this is disgusting yeah sure they're all dead or these ran away ran crawled away but yeah like this where a mouse came out scurried over there at Old Dixie should eat it cause she's my guard dog slash service dog so she has a little bit mean boner by but she did not see it so I have a mouse and she's being a naughty sniffing hey get out of there forgetting deer poop if you're very um when I was a deer poop if you don't like seeing the sight of poop look away she was eating that and more come over here you poo Peter Peter yeah go you stink come on let's go come on try it along straight to the German Shepherd famous try he'll way over there so I make here he'll see this well-behaved sir so looks like not the best to you but good enough he'll hey he'll I said he'll hoped that's a smart Shepherd hey he'll that's a good girl I say was act now go go go playtime come on don't eat the rotten perish here's her poop breath mr. poop breath being a poop see ya it's how life works I'm

gonna try not trip over all the rocks my dad and grandma are making right my what no grandpa Dixie get over here come here come here don't you just love a German Shepherd that never listens yeah cuz that's what I have hmm I'd pictured a day so I wore this didn't always picture today so I smiled like this so and my hair and my pony don't think probably looks very bad didn't wash my hair this morning um so I was rushed didn't wash my hair I wash it tonight I thought pictures day was next week but no I had to be the one do don't wash my hair and the one day I will click a rap like capris on and shirt oversized shirt no sorry for my eyes lacrosse right that's just sewing next week but Dixie get over here oh come here hey can you guys down for a second do it was funny and um let me find a prop a natural prop like it like a tree let's see if this were kinda natural tree prop was ants all over it what's fine so yeah actually it's a very good prop because it's very Shady come here Dixie I swear German Shepherds they can be so dumb but so smart come here obviously I'm not hitting her

I'm missing all the way over there yeah look take off oh there's peace you throw it I miss and get over rabbit poop probably deer poop I don't know what kind of poop looks like okay um are you sniffing don't eat anything you're sniffing an anthill now that's just discussion back to recording come here he'll this is what a terrible he looks like a a and then you just grab this is our away again