05 December 2018

VLOGMAS 2018 | Day 3 and 4 | Wrapping Presents | Washing the Dog | Watching The Greatest Showman

Hello everyone and welcome to my channel and my second Vlogmas video of the year. Much like the last video I still feel tired and sick, but I was able to get a ...


look at the start of day 3 of vlogmas I thought I'll get up early I was feeling a relatively relatively good sitting in line in bed so far I'll get up I've been so sick this morning that all my makeup it's cuz my eyes have been worn all my makeup is all over my eyes so that was a waste of time anyway day free of vlogmas ok so I've just had my breakfast fingers crossed I need to sort my hospital bag out because no word of a lie last night I thought I was going into labor just gonna put that right out there I have no idea what it feels like obviously because I've never experienced it before but last night was that the weirdest feeling I've ever had and my belly felt really tight and I just had this constant pain I've had this pain before but last night it just seemed really constant like it was went on forever I didn't like Richard Richard was lying asleep beside me as I'm not gonna wake him because in case it's not I was literally lying there thinking am i going into labor right now i wasn't obviously because there's no baby this morning and the pain is gone but it just makes me think like it's gonna be happening quite soon like i think i

think i'm wishful thinking i wanted to happen soon because i want to not be lenny more so excuse me so um well I think hospital bag definitely has to be packed today it sucks not being able to do anything really Christmassy it really does but I just don't feel up to it I really don't anyway it's only day free still got the rest of the month yet got my birthday and the baby being born hopefully value so it's a moment my vlog for day 1 and 2 is uploading and then I'm gonna do some tidying up I feel very good today you're seeing gonna get bored me saying that anyway I thought I'd open my advent calendars stay free later turn number Lin at number little lint free down the bottom here oh another little another little chocolate one the Train on and Dairy Milk have you written too sensitive I'm asking for money this year so yeah that is my free chocolates for today line them up and have them as and when [Music] one good boy you stay there good boy hahaha we need your Christmas bar all right underneath you

I know it's not nice but you need a washer you're right come closer to me come closer come here me closer to me boy [Music] see you're all done wait there stick right you ready you're nice try nice yes oh sorry hmm nice you're nice and clean are you nice and clean yes just had a shower feels so good after shower but like boy I can safely say I've done too much today I'm absolutely I'm after him and then he went from boxes all day hmm making tea forgot gamin with my favorite what we had last night cabbage and leek was bacon and mush cheesy mash potato have enough [Music] just bring the gravy over a thousand but baby a little bit of a frost which I love hello and welcome to vlogmas day so the plans for today are not a lot because I don't weigh too much yesterday and I paint for it so just have a nice lazy day but also I do need to do my hospital bag because I should have done that yesterday but I didn't so that has to be

done today as well so before I do my advent calendars now oh dear I'm very sick today gonna start off with the dairy milk today I've decided so day four give hugs at Christmas I'm sure these are the same flash - come on dairy milk up your game a little and a little penguin and then we'll go to the lint so I did do a little tidying up I just basically tidied up the living room and the kitchen but I do plan on doing not a lot today because I don't so much yesterday so I can't guarantee that this vlog is gonna be brilliant but I'm gonna try my hardest for your number four how is it the fall for Eddy and on another note it is a week until my due date today little white balls delicious oh yeah a week till my due date I had relatively good night's sleep last night no twinges or pain so yes and number oh my heroes calendar [Music] look right there at the top right in front of my eye and a twirl I'm gonna be honest with you probably the worst but we need one in there it's cool to do my sprout I didn't show yesterday but yesterday was of joke I

know dr. doc oh I think I have I've got a hat I'm gonna wear today while I rest merry Christmas everyone so it is 10 past 1 and I have rested I've literally been asleep for the last three to four hours considering I slept quite well last night I obviously needed it so I wasn't looking at vlogmas ideas and then I got distracted by Topshop I am literally I don't know why I look at clothes because I was seen nothing there's no point me buying clothes at the moment but in the new year I plan on buying a loads of new clothes because I haven't bought those in like months so yeah I'm just loving everything at the moment do you have this Raiders t-shirt dress which I think I will definitely ask Richard for for Christmas because that will fit me now and I'm also catching up on people's vlogmas I've watched my friend Chloe who is doing vlogmas for the first time this year so I've watched hers and now I'm watching Zoe sugg and then I watch probably watch hello October because I like her and Tanya burr I loved Hannah bears to do my hospital bag though that must be done [Music] [Music]

sir looks like [Music] [Music] do you know I want you it's not secret I try to hide I know you want me so don't you see you have time you clean up a little card these pulling your mind it's a way out frees from me but you're here in my heart so who can stop me if I decide me [Music] you know I want you it's not a secret I try I can't have you breaking my time what is with Christmas hats always fall it down your head it is caught Pat's legs we haven't had dinner yet because Richard got home from work and then he went straight to the gym and I wasn't really that hungry so yes I've just watched well haven't just watched I what should feel a while ago the greatest showman now I have watched it before but I didn't really pay much attention to I think I was doing something while I was watching it in the background and I really sat down and watched it and I thought it was amazing I know I'm so late on the greatest showman track is on stage cinema this week and it went up on the first and it

leaves Friday so I was like I need to watch it and I absolutely loved it and I was crying at every single song because I love that rewrite the stars song I really do love that song and everything it was just brilliant it was really good film I really enjoyed it spit when I saw Betty the pastor next the Piazza the Piazza resistance let's get the pasta out so yeah that is what so I haven't done much at all today I literally have rested which I wanted to do that is what I wanted to do I wanted to rest today because everyone keeps telling me you've got to rest up you can have a baby soon you must rest and I've been like I just can't just sit there but yes I have definitely rested today I haven't done much at all I've watched TV I've watched blogs and people's blog masses and yeah they get passed to going let's do some cooking [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] 22-8 and guess what I haven't done today

my hospital bag I needed to do it I just can't be bothered I really anyway which is now in the shower and then eight o'clock is one of my favorite programs a Philip Schofield spend it well at Christmas I love watching them so I'm gonna watch that and then it'll be I'm a celebrity and then I'll probably go to bed so I'd probably actually won't even do my hospital bag today so if I go into labor in the middle of the night in a bit of a pickle no it's fine it's her nearly packed anyway it's just I thought I could rearrange in you know just make sure that it is packed alright but it's packed let's just say it's packed and then I don't have to do it I hope you're enjoying vlogmas I'm really sorry it's born I know I keep saying it but it is quite boring at the moment but I just don't feel like up to doing much and you know this is just what I'm doing that's the whole point of lockness to tell you I'm doing um excuse me so what I will speak to you too I'll see you tomorrow you