09 December 2019

Vlogmas Day 9: Service Dog Training and Life: All About Samson: Owner Trained Service Dog

Vlogmas Day 9: Owner Trained Service Dog. Service Dog Training. Welcome back to our channel! Today for Vlogmas I bring to you a video all about Samson!


hi guys and welcome back to our channel um today I'm going to do an introduction for you guys to Sampson I've already posted a video of him working I'm not on YouTube and I thought that maybe I should do oh my goodness guys do an introduction so stone-still go lay down okay so as you can see um I've got dogs surrounding me you know stone already well hopefully you know stone already if you haven't already maybe you should head on over to our Instagram at service dog underscore stone and or at Paul and vlogs hey boys quit way down down good boy stay so this is Sampson he is my newest service dog in training we got him in July he actually came to us as a stray and unfortunately they were not able to locate his original family so we ended up Sampson we ended up keeping him and as you can see he is a playful pup a love love bug hi you were making this video very weird for everybody yes yes you are no jealousy boys okay Samson up lay down stay go lay down bring them blanket okay oh the jealousy of these two okay guys no more so he's gonna keep Sampson no more Oh gross

stone okay so anyways I'll go ahead and tell you about Sampson since he obviously is not gonna settle down he is a black lab and we've made it official that he is forever in her home by getting him his own personalized ID tag super super excited about that so that's kind of like our official you're you're one of us type of thing you're you're Pollan now huh there's a Poland oh yes so anyways they were unable to locate his original family so we ended up keeping him we opted to keep him he really was attached to me right away and I felt that he he helped me with my mental health in a different way than stone does um he's very similar to my dog Lucy who's laying there she's pretty old she's just sleeping but Lucy's getting old and you know she's 14 now we know that her time is getting closer and closer to being done and so we we just kind of felt that it was a good chance to go ahead and start prepping another dog to come into our family and because he is so attached to me it made it very easy to begin you know working with them because he instinctively when I started having a panic attack

he and seemed totally came to me because he was concerned and he he laid on me and he wasn't trained at all at this point you know this was just like he had only been with us a couple days I had a Kotak and he went into action so I thought you know let's give this a try and it turns out he absolutely loves working guys he is phenomenal when it comes to working like he is excited he knows that when the timer goes off or the alarm goes off a certain alarm that it means that it's time to take my son to school and he knows like okay it's time to go and if I don't start moving or if I don't you know if my alarms going off in another room he will come and alert to me that the alarm is going off which is great because I hope to eventually use him to help remind me to take my medications I do pretty good I've been taking them long enough that I do pretty good but every once in a while I will forget and so it will be very handy to have just kind of another reminder of hey did you take your meds today so more about Samson Samson is currently intact we have plans of getting him neutered just because we we don't have a need to have a a stud dog

and you know with us not knowing any of his background because breeding or anything like that it's just not something that we we need him to continue having I guess it's how I want to say it he's really good he doesn't Mark in houses or anything like that if he's outside you know like if we're out and about and stuff he doesn't mark anything unless if I give him the command to go potty or if we're walking around trying to get him to go potty of course he knows that too so we're not super concerned with getting that taken care of right away but it is on the agenda what else should I tell them about you he's been doing public access with me and he does great the only thing we've currently not currently recently run into is when I tried to introduce him to my writing buddies dog he he was acting dogs aggressive and actually snapping her dog he's never done that before I've taken him to dog parks we've never had issues with any other dogs he's gone to my family's house and hasn't had an issue with any of their dogs so I'm not quite sure what sparked that and we're gonna keep working on that and I plan to do a video

so that you guys can kind of see what we do to kind of work work through issues like that especially issues of especially issues of oh brain part sorry guys oh of being excited about other dogs wanting to play because he is very much still puppy the they estimated him sometimes somewhere between six months to a year and yeah he's he's a young in and he's still got a lot to learn he's been doing a great job he has a lot of natural like instinct to to watch me especially in certain situations I've noticed that he's been a lot more alert to it I am still working stone stone as my main service dog stone just had his second birthday recently so I will be doing a little update about that as well trying to think what else to tell you guys about Sampson he's that he's a great dog he can free feed which is nice because I really like that when your dogs don't have an urge to like Gorch themselves Lucy likes to gorge so it can't free feed her but stone and Sampson both would do a great job at being free fed what else he he has no problems wearing his vest or callers eCollege

prom callers anything like that he's okay with he's not a big fan of boots and I put them on him and every time he he moves they just fly off like he not keep them on his feet I've tried two different styles and they just fly off I don't know how he does it but as soon as he starts running that his sling right off of his feet he is not much of a barker every once in a while he will if like the house gets going you know like Lucy starts barking and if stone decides to bark or if they're out and they're their backyard if there's like dogs going by and stuff then they'll bark but if I'm working him generally he does not I shouldn't say generally he does not bark when I'm working him except for if he gets too close to I've had him barked at I have a friend that brings their dog to do kind of work with Samson and his dog is a puppy still and it was really excited and it barked at him and was trying to get to him and he was wiggling and wanting to get back at her and then he barked out of just like frustration of not being able to get to her but I quickly put the chin it and he stopped right then and there and he hasn't

barked since so he's really a good dog he's really smart I don't know how much there really is to tell you about him other than he's just a wonderful dog with a great personality he loves to play fetch he loves to swim especially in the lake he doesn't seem to be afraid of anything I'm able to trim his nails with no problem I can brush him with no problem he lets me touch him all over with no issues and you know that includes you know includes his mouth and everything he doesn't care he's very laid-back when it comes to that kind of thing and he I guess I should say his weight when we weighed in was 55 pounds I believe that's the last time we weighed and we haven't weighed him again recently but he has a beautiful weight right now for DPT and we've been working on that primarily in stores he gets a little goofy sometimes and he thinks that we're playing kind of like you did at the beginning of this video and he will start rolling around and I kind of have to correct that that mindset of no this isn't this is serious let's go and it's a lot different depending on my my mood

like if I'm in a bad space then he's a lot quicker to do what he needs to do whereas if I'm just out working him and I'm having a good day then he's kind of more playful and more more more puppy I guess less less trained I guess um but he's coming along nicely and I'm just very excited to see where we can go and what we can do my hope for him is that he will be able to do moderate mobility tasks for me because stone is too light to do heavier mobility he can do the lightweight stuff he can't do the moderate so with Sampson size and weight even currently as he is he would be able to do moderate mobility tasks for me and we haven't started on that because I'm really trying to focus on getting a good solid heel without pulling before I ask him to start guiding me anywhere or anything like that cuz he definitely is a lot more forward driven than then I was expecting and that's not a problem that's not a problem it's just something that I need to he when he came to us I don't know if I've said this in any videos he didn't know how to wear a collar he would freak out with it on he didn't know how to

walk on a leash he didn't know any commands like we tried to get him to sit he couldn't sit we tried to get him to down or lay none of that we tried different languages we tried Spanish we tried German we tried Lakota because we have a lot of Lakota around our area and so we kind of tried to do things like that and he didn't respond to any of it it seems as though he was pretty much just a freerunning dog and we got him used to a collar we got him his very own collar and then like I said we recently got his ID tag finally and that's not that to say that he wasn't a part of our family long before that it just took a little bit for us to find one that we liked and just to settle on everything you know naming was a process and we set it all in Samson which is I got so he settled on Samson and we got that name from a Regina Spektor song now he's a little excited because my alarm did just go off and cut my video off but we have to go pick up Finley now so this is this is Samson and I hope you guys enjoy it if you have any questions please feel free to leave them down below or you can private message or DM me on instagram at

service dog underscore stone which is my dual instagram page for both my service dogs because i didn't want to change the name since I already had a Velcro patch made up for her stone to show off his instagram handle you can also follow us at poland vlogs and let's see what else do we got Samson what else I think that's it please be sure that you like comment subscribe and ring the bell icon down below so you never miss a beat and like I said any questions I'm I'm an open book leave them down below and yeah that's it bye guys [Music] [Music] [Music]