11 October 2018

Walk a dog

Guy loves walks. Gets rewarded for obeying.

it's on hi I'm uh this is guy he's a

little doggie now sometimes little doggies get real excited when we say oh you wanna know he wants to go out a lot lady goes into a circle so all we have to do is put the thing on and then we go like him he loves Wawa if you like okay and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna turn around I'm gonna turn around and then I left take the collar off right and when I say house he goes back into the house right but look at the dog he likes to sniff around and then we say all right you got it you're sniffing and so now you got to be careful with doggies because we can't let him chase other dogs right and he doesn't like cats so and we don't go over there because there's a mean old lady that lives over there she doesn't like our doggy so we go back this way okay we're gonna go back into the house and when we going into the house I'll give him a treat hey guy you had your walk now guy what do we do now house house open the door we say house a nice [Music] one two three and then when to be a nice doggie I have to tell him out and he goes

outside cuz then I give him another treat one two three oh wait got to do it again one two three