11 August 2019

Walk dogs


Shalom guys hope with your day is better

but better watch this video today we are walking the dogs as you can see stormy is pulling me to death but subscribe hit the bell give a like and comment down below what video are should do next so I've been wanting to sing for the videos and I did one but I would like to sing again but I can't sing again because I just didn't comment down below you want me to sing or any of that and ask Tommy's running away course over we're still making YouTube video we're gonna make another one at Scarlett's house this is not my dog by the way as you can see in some of my videos it's Lola this is stormy that's Josie that's this dog stormy is going to come on show me we're still filming come on we don't have a person to hold a camera ever but some videos we do but I'm walking myself so I have to hurt the camera because they don't want to see him by anyone they want to hold the camera on myself so it's why it's a little shaky and everybody's walking so it's gonna be shaky we're almost by the house not by

my house ice College house No what so this is a lot of work walking much nobody knows how hard it is for me to walk exactly as much can't literally can't walk we're almost to the house but my legs are tired and I can't walk anymore and stomachs just walking too much yeah Muenster me walk a little Oh sorry if I curse [Music] for most of the house dog is driving me crazy non-stop stormy wait up go go go go show me go go go go go literally coming right up it's right here not right here but it's coming up straight up now yeah look Scarlett just oh I'm here don't really know what to say right now tired right no stormy for me that was host Hermes fault we got in we're in the house finally stormy get over here do we take off the collars I'm leaving the leash and harness

together so we can walk him next time um so we're back at the house straight back at the house don't know what else to say this is hunter he curses and all that we're in their house but he's saying that to you but this is scarlet she's my bestie and that's chill chill chill chill she's so adorable right but my dog will be in the next video stir me stir me stir me so this is just a regular temperature water temperature water pour her a cup of we need this one a water I don't know on how this cup but don't use my cup please thanks honey I'm gonna go in the pool so when I came to pull out I tell her I'm gonna have a pool I paid stir can you show that in Chelsea oh wait show them chowster this shall be the adorable one that's adorable she's the adorable one so speak sir so um so we're going back into the living room going into the living room scarlet I kept it with me the whole time so we might go in the pool I'm not gonna show you the tour because we're gonna end it soon but we're going on the swing list to show them the swing no bye everyone hope you had a great day bye